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Faeria Friday: Patch notes & Khalim Seasonal Cup weekend

Written by Gary Morris  |  10/18/2019

We have a recap of our updates this week, some bug fixes, and a Seasonal Cup reminder!

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Week of 10/14 Patch Notes

This week we released an update that contained a lot of back-end optimizations that make the load generally easier on our servers.

While we were at it, we fixed a few bugs, some of them long-standing.

  • The enter button now works to send chat messages

Yes, that's correct. It's finally fixed! Sorry for the long wait, but you should now be able to chat in the window completely clickless.

  • Fixed dynamic numbers bug affecting Wrath of Ignus and Master Swordsman
  • The Versus screen now shows the proper players when entering a game from a lobby as a spectator
  • It is no longer possible to reroll a Daily Quest from the popup that appears when connecting (only from the popup accessed from the top bar menu)
  • Friends suggestions based on Steam friends now refresh upon every connection (instead of only one time when creating an account)

Khalim Seasonal Cup

Tomorrow is the day!

Join Aquablad, Skorch, and Atmaz for a live cast of the top tournament in the Season of Khalim.

Seasonal Cup Cosmetic Rewards

One of the prizes we intended for Seasonal Cups has finally been completed!

The top 4 finishers of each Seasonal Cup will receive a variant of the following:

These cosmetics will be colored appropriately for the season they acquired it. For example, Khalim's Seasonal Cup Cosmetics will have a yellow theme, etc. The above example is the default color that may or may not appear as a final version.

We should be able to patch these into the game soon!

Decks of the Week