The Card Battler built for PC yet perfected for mobile.

Available on Steam and iPad

Enter the World of Faeria
Welcome to the world of Faeria, the PC card battler perfected for mobile.
Build your deck, shape the battlefield and defeat your opponents in epic battles!

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Build exciting decks and shape the battlefield as you play to defeat your opponents in epic battles. With 20+ hours of exciting solo content including crazy puzzles, and the ability to challenge others in casual and competitive multiplayer modes, Faeria has it all.

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Enter the world of Faeria in a heartbeat, pass through our training prologue then put your skills to the test - all while being rewarded every step of the way. Experience unimaginable strategic depth with 270+ collectible cards crossed with 5 unique land types.


Share and discover decks, guides and more on Faeria's The Hub, discuss tactics, give feedback to our developers or share memes on our Discord chat, share your favourite Twitch clips on our Reddit page... there's many ways to participate in our amazing community of Faeria lovers!


We at Abrakam love esports, and are looking forward to growing our fantastic competitive scene. Compete in our Monthly Cup for a share of $3,300 in cash prizes, or enter one of the regular tournaments organised by our community. Stay tuned for even more great esports plans in 2017!

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Faeria Friday: Salmon's Revenge

Announcements | 03/16/2018

We're heading to GDC! Check here for your Aurora Open recap and community tournament news.

Faeria's first expansion is here.
Featuring an exclusive Co-op mode and adventure.
Join now and reap exclusive rewards!

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