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(Aurora Seasonal Cup takes place Saturday, April 11th at 16:00 CET)

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What is the Faeria World Circuit?

Each Season

Play to earn points and compete for prizes!

  • #1 Elpaniko23 435 pts
  • #2 SuperbLizard 360 pts
  • #3 hunter 320 pts
  • #4 Dickleton 315 pts
  • #5 ESofDawn 300 pts
  • #6 Inkpuddle 300 pts
  • #7 MastermindII 300 pts
  • #8 Seshoumara 265 pts
  • #9 MUTEI 260 pts
  • #10 Summerflame 235 pts
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The Faeria World Circuit is a seasonal based competition where players earn points by participating in the in-game monthly ranked ladder, bi-weekly Championship League tournaments, and sanctioned community tournaments.

After each season, the players with the most points compete in the Seasonal Cup for prizes!

You can learn how the point system works in detail by visiting this link.

Monthly Ranked ladder

Rank among the top 25 Gods and receive FWC Points!

The highest ranks of the Faeria ladder are rife with brilliant commanders. Fight your way to the top of the pile to prove you are worthy to compete with the best of the best.

Be warned, reaching the top 25 is no small feat. Do you have what it takes?

You can keep track of the current season's FWC Points by visiting this link.

  • #1 1771
  • #2 1690
  • #3 1393

Championship League

Earn your place in the Seasonal Cup by earning points in two monthly cash tournaments.

Championship League

32 Slots Mar 14th Register now

Inscriptions close Mar 14 at 06:00 pm

Championship League

32 Slots Mar 28th Register now

Registrations close Mar 28 at 12:00 pm

Faeria Friday: Patch Notes, April 3rd 2020

Patch Notes | 04/03/2020

Today's weekly blog post will double as patch notes, as we've applied some changes today to a pair of Gagana cards.