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Faeria Friday: Busy Week

Written by Abrakam  |  07/24/2020

Lots of happenings this week! This post is a summary of what's been going on lately, as well as some extra.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Switch and XBOX One Announcement

The biggest news this week, in case you missed it, is the console launch date announcement.

Check it out above!

Balance Patch

It's been a pretty busy week, actually. On Wednesday, we implemented a long-awaited balance patch.

Check out the patch notes above.

Seasonal Cup Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Ruunin Seasonal Cup!

Khalim Registration

The new tournament season begins now!

50 most OP cards in Faeria History?

Hunter has put together a list of what he thinks may be the 50 most OP cards in Faeria history.

Krog isn't on there, so I am a bit skeptical this is accurate.

What do you think?

Decks of the Week

(Note, some of these decks are from before the patch on July 22nd)

Seasonal Cup Decks

Community Decks