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Patch notes: July 22nd, 2020

Written by Abrakam  |  07/22/2020

Read on for the full list of changes. Commentary toward the bottom, if you're interested.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Balance changes

- Rakoan Shield Mates
- Stats decreased from 2/2 -> 1/2

- Gabrian Noble
- Stats increased from 4/5 -> 5/5

- Illusion of Grandeur
- Stats increased from 0/0->1/1

- Lord of Terror
- Stats increased from 0/6 -> 1/6

- Cap-10 Sky Pirate
- Stats increased from 3/7 -> 3/8

- Spite Sprite
- Stats increased from 2/1 -> 3/1

- Imperial Trooper
- Stats increased from 4/4 -> 5/4

- Spear of Guardians
- (Treasure of Gagana)
- Cost decreased from 2f -> 1f

Celeste and Pandora

Be gone!

Celeste will no longer appear as a draftable card in Pandora. This is because the Shards of Pandora interact with her ability in a way that stops her from triggering most of the time.

Developer notes

These specific changes are being made today for a number of reasons.

On the development side, we are in the advanced phases of console verification. This means that third parties are testing the existing client of Faeria and working with us to fix any bugs, problems, or issues they encounter.

Changing certain things would set a certain amount of testing and verification backwards. One of those things that would set it back happens to be changing any amount of card text.

Therefore, for practical reasons, our balance patches right now are entirely limited to number adjustments to cost, stats, lands, etc. This isn't too much of a problem as we feel generally that the state of the game is in a good spot, but could use a few tweaks.


The biggest issue we've seen arise since the last few changes has been the Rise of the Rakoans(tm). Rakoans have generally been empowered both directly and indirectly over time. What was once a mediocre deck is now one of the most powerful decks in the game. It's okay for a deck to be powerful, but it's not okay for it to be too powerful. Where that line is to be drawn can be very subjective.

In any case, we have chosen to nerf what we think is the biggest offender, Rakoan Shieldmates. The value it provides is pretty crazy - and really intentionally so. It's meant to be a great card for both Rakoans and GY decks in general. Anyway, in the end we decided to bump them down to 1/2 to make their board presence just a little less intimidating.

The rest

Whenever possible, we like to buff things rather than nerf them. This patch contains a majority of buffs to underused cards that we'd like to see more of. When more cards become viable, more decks become viable, and deck diversity can thrive. This has generally always been our goal in Faeria, and this patch aims for very much that.

As always, it is very easy to break a card in Faeria by changing only 1 number. We think this set of changes is relatively safe, but if anything does go seriously out of whack we may reconsider them.

That's about it! We hope you have fun with this.

Also, we'd like to give a lot of credit to SuperbLizard who worked with us on this patch and gave us his Big Brain thoughts. That isn't placing blame on him - we will still take it!


  • Team Abrakam