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The Top 50 OP Cards in Faeria History

Posted by hunter on 24/07/2020

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Let's take a trip down memory lane...

Looking back at old Faeria videos (credits to Aquablad and Luuu90, for providing a ton of content), I took screenshots of what I think were the most powerful cards that existed. In somewhat order from worst to best, let's begin with #50.

50 Walking Fortress

8f 6/10 that can be summoned right infront of your opponent's orb turn 2 (as player 2).

49 Cartographer

Land acceleration at its finest for multicoloured decks. Changed right before Three Wishes was released.

48 Boulder Thrower

Turn 2 +1. Start attacking for economy or force your opponent to block.

47 Blood Obelisk

Moreso a meme. It provided economy for hard removal. You didn't even need collectors.

46 Wavecrash Colossus

The starting hand counted. Draw 15 cards and you had a 0 cost 8/8.

45 Ruunin's Shrine

Kinda like a Divine Guardian for your orb and creatures as well. Also countered Death Touch.

44 Apex Predator

Apex meta was a thing. At 6f it was much more playable, and ensured your mochis hit windfalls and stormspawns.

43 Imperial Drain

Incredibly good in rush, particulary red rush where brigands and bosses provided economy. 0f and didn't have last words. Also can be utilized as a blocker.

42 Firestorm

A card that kept swarm in check. Maybe the most controversial nerf.

41 Path to Paradise

The OG card that started PtF (Path to Face). Spam multiple creatures that all reaped the buff.

40 Bloated Toad

Able to swallow your Animated Banquet, guaranteeing your opponent didn't get the frog.

39 Sharra's Inspiration

Abused by Y Rush and RY Burn for huge buffs and fast lethals.

38 Lord of Terror

Falcon Dives, Famines, and OTK. 10 life and taunt to boost.

37 Windstorm Charger, 36 Snowstorm Lancer

The very first otk deck in Faeria.

35 Three Wishes

The very first version. Infinite Wishes.

34 Gemshell Tortoise

Crazy value. BR at its best.

33 Flameburst

The option was nice, but a big downside was you coudn't target face.

32 Gift of Steel

The Elderwood Embrace of Red Combat.

31 Hate Seed

What red was before Red Combat. Whether you played it as rush or mid, this was cancer.

30 Magda, Queen of Meroval

Old school Magda. Now you know why that rose belongs to Magda.

29 Feed the Forest, 28 Earthcraft, 27 Oakling

Feed and earthcraft were able to create some crazy combo deck shinanigens. Oakling was able to target haste creatures. All three together probably enabled the two most infamous, non-interactive decks ever made: Super Toad and GY Haste.

26 Flash Salmon

Demon Wrangler.

25 Windstorm Archer, 24 Windstorm Charger, 23 Khalim

Yellow Archer decks were a thing. Chargers were a staple in Yellow Tempo. And a turn 2 Khalim might have been already game winning if not choked.

22 Soul Pact

For some reason they gave Soul Pact draw. Few days later it was nerfed to immediately end turn. Few days after that... no more draw.

21 Annoying Gnat

A Gnat that collects? 1 Desert and 2 Attack? I could see how that definitely lived up to its name.

20 Shaytan Vampire, 19 Azarai, 18 Windstorm Colossus

This is a pretty interesting screenshot, just ignore Oblivion Knight. Last Nightmare was 2 deserts and Scourge was 6f and had 3 attack. Shaytan Vampire was a staple in yellow and was incredibly strong. Azarai had a Last Nightmare gift and Colossus could be discounted to 0.

17 Rakaon Cannoneer

Teller Burn. Rainbow OTK. Very fun and interactive.

16 Unbound Evolution, 15 Triton Banquet

Unbound evolution was a cheap spell good for both friendly and enemy creatures. Banquet with protection was broken.

14 Triton Trainer

The creature that spawned the popular archetype we know now as Blue Jump. 5/4 Ninja Toads, 6/6 Warriors.

13 Prophet of the Tides

The creature that made Blue Jump tier S++. Summon a turn 2 jumper infront of your orb. Turn 3 play Prophet to maneuver it to collect at enemy well and trade. Bonus points if you had Aurora.

12 Manta Rider

The card that replaced Charger in Yellow Tempo.

11 Crystal Flower

3f. Wild. Broke at the start of your turn.

10 Forbidden Library

Turn 2 library. 'nuff said.

9 Dream Reaver

Reaver a turn earlier. Playable when your opponent had 10 or lower life. Only downside was it couldn't heal you.

8 Zealous Crusader

The ultimate yellow rush finisher.

7 Kodama

Slam... what a dark time.

6 Tree of Everlife

Immune to damage and multiple buffs per turn.

5 Frog Tosser

When your Shaytan Demon gets outvalued for the first time... your world flips upside down.

4 Ruunin

Ruunin Feed, repeat if necessary.

3 Azure Skywhale

It collected, had 8 health, and there were 3 of them.

2 Radiance, Scourge of Oversky

What the community referred to as "Steve". Pretty much became an auto include in every deck.

1 Garudan

What the community collectively decided was the best card in the game, especially after the firestorm nerf. Playing around Garudan was a always a forethought, playing Garudan was synonymous with lethal.

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