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Faeria Friday: Back in Yak

Written by Abrakam  |  04/07/2017

The next Adventure Pouch reveal is upon us, and it's pretty cute. And don't forget - The Monthly Cup is tomorrow!

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

The home stretch

With all the new players coming into the community, it took you about two weeks to completely unveil Reveal 2's riddle! You've collected 300,000,000 Gold and have unlocked the second of three reveals for the upcoming Adventure Pouch.

You may already have an idea of what the hint would be as more letters were exposed, but now that it's fully uncovered, let's get a little more specific.

The complete riddle for Reveal 2 is:

"I am everybody's fluffy and cuddly desire, one you will be able to acquire."

Roaming the fields of Faeria, they've always been your trusty companion in all your daily endeavors: The noble yak.

Yak plush pillow

Cute, calm, and ever so fluffy, the Faeria Yak plush pillow is here and is now part of a third package available for purchase in the Adventure Pouch, if you should so choose. You can upgrade your current Adventure Pouch at any time if you decide later on you'd like a fancier one. The Yak plush pillow is available in limited quantity and shipping is expected to start when the Adventure Pouch launches in Summer 2017.

In addition to this, everybody who has pre-ordered, or is planning on pre-ordering, any Adventure Pouch will also be given the opportunity to choose from one of 6 or 7 (depending on which Pouch you have purchased) Yak Avatars, directly.

Here are the Yaks you can choose from that will be given to you directly in-game, with no need to hatch any Eggs at all:

Pioneer Pouch and better:

  • Yak Sparrow
  • Strawfield
  • Fluffie
  • Sir Yakkinton
  • Fafnir
  • Peace Blossom

Supporter Pouch and Collector Pouch

  • King Yaknus

Yak Avatars

If you've purchased a Pouch already, you can adopt your Yak right now by going here.

Adventure Pouch Reveal #3

With that out of the way, it's time we dive head first into the next and last reveal.

It's the last leg for the Adventure Pouch riddle fiesta, this time around, you'll need to collect a whopping 750,000,000 Gold to unlock all the letters of our final riddle.

Total Gold gathered
1,225,000,000 / 1,225,000,000

Get the Adventure Pouch today!

Adventure Pouch timing clarification

On a side note, we have noticed that some players are under the impression that the Adventure Pouch will be released in mid-May. We would like to remind everyone that the date we have always communicated is Summer 2017, not mid-May (although pre-orders do end on May 9th). You guys are silly sometimes.

Monthly Cup IX: $3300 in prizes

Monthly Cup IX Brackets

The first Monthly Cup since Faeria's release takes place tomorrow:

Saturday, April 8th at 4:00pm CEST.

Aquablad, skorch13, Cappuccino, Xologrim, and Atmaz will be your hosts during the event, walking you carefully through the gauntlet of extremely high level games and shower of crushed eggshells.

Watch, cheer, and win.

Many of you new players may be wondering:

"What is the Monthly Cup?"

The Monthly Cup is a single elimination monthly competition where 32 of the best players in Faeria compete for $3300 in prizes. Each match consists of a Best of 5 series of games in Pantheon format.

But best of all... you can earn prizes just by watching on FaeriaTV!

How to win prizes

The most important thing you need to know in order to win prizes while watching the Monthly Cup stream is to link your Faeria account directly to Twitch by using The Hub. We've made it as easy as possible for you.

Prizes for the Monthly Cup have been updated to contain the possibility to win Mythic Chests! The new prize structure is as follows:

Watch this long for a chance to win:

  • 30 Minutes: 1000 gold (Common prize)
  • 60 minutes: Pandora Coin (Rare prize)
  • 90 Minutes: Mythic Chest (Epic prize)
  • 4 hours: Egg Avatar (GUARANTEED)

Dragon Orbs have been replaced by Mythic Chests in the new available prizes, but are still obtainable by players who win games in the Monthly Cup itself.

And now, due to popular demand, you will be able to view your Egg Timer at any moment by looking at your profile on The Hub. No more wondering if it's working correctly! You'll know for sure.

Egg hatching

As with every other Monthly Cup, Eggs will be hatching the entire weekend.

This time, however, the yolks have multiplied. There are five brand new avatars your Eggs may hatch into, bringing the grand total of potential hatchlings to eight.

Yes, even King Yaknus will be a possible hatchling, as was his royal decree. The Cynical Yak will only be available through Egg hatching, and not through Adventure Pouch selection.

It's possible to hatch more than one Egg in the same weekend. If you're logged into Faeria during the hatching period, your Eggs are even more likely to hatch. Make sure you watch out for which new Yak avatar you'll be getting when the Egg hatching ends!

Here is all the information concerning Egg and Egg hatching event

DeviantArt Contest voting

Submissions for the card creation contest close at 11:59pm CEST today.

Remaining submissions will be posted as the contest closes, so make sure to check back after midnight to catch any last-minute entries.

Your "likes" count as votes, and you can vote for as many as you like. Winners will be discussed on the Monthly Cup stream.

New shop rotation

As always in our Faeria Fridays, it's time to announce which cosmetic items will be in the new week's shop rotation, starting today. Here they are.

The new Deals of the Week:

Decks of the Week

Helpful Guides

Krog's Wheel of Treasures

MetagamingTV will be hosting Noaphiel's Sunday King of the Hill event at 4:00pm CEST, and then spinning Krog's Wheel of treasures!

Watch for a chance to win prizes throughout the whole event.

Have a good weekend!