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Legendary Tierlist

Posted by Noaphiel on 03/04/2017

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This Tierlist aims towards new players in case they have to choose a legendary at level up or that they get one in Battle chests and don´t know whether to reroll it or not.

Legendary Tierlist

This Tierlist aims towards new players in case they have to choose a legendary at level up or that they get one in Battle chests and don´t know whether to reroll it or not.

This Tierlist is a subjective impression from Noaphiel and might vary in other players opinion. It is nevertheless quite helpful in getting an idea how strong or weak a legendary is even though the personal opinion might differ.


Tier Explanation
S Superior. Card is mostly included in decks of at least the regarding color.
A Strong. Card is often included in decks of that color.
B Average. Card can be a nice addition in certain decks.
C Weak. Card is barely seen in decks, but sometimes a considerable addition.
D Extremely Weak. Card is nearly never played at all.
+/- Indicates further seperation if necessary. + leads towards the better tier. - leads towards the worse tier.


Tier Card Name
A Time of Legends
C- Magda, Queen of Meroval
C+ Baron Thulgar
D Sharra, Dragonslayer
B Magnus, King of Meroval
D+ Day of the Dragons
B+ Radiance, Imperial Airship


Tier Card Name
D Eredon, Voice of All
D Ruunin, the Relentless
A Tethra, Soul of the Wild
C- Tarum, the Forest World


Tier Card Name
S Aurora, Myth Maker
B+ Baeru, the First Wave
C+ Orosei, Dream of the Deep
C- Aurora´s Dream


Tier Card Name
S Seifer, Blood Tyrant
C- Ignus, the First Flame
S Garudan, Heart of the Mountain
D Krog, the Ogre King


Tier Card Name
D Iona, Beloved by All
C+ Doomgate, Door to Oblivion
S Khalim, Sky Prodigy
D Azarei, Wrath of the Desert
Jeffbert 03/04/2017 18:19

Thank you! Very helpful.
Came in the right time :smiley: I just saved up some dust to craft a legendary :slight_smile:

Decabytes 03/04/2017 20:19

Hah, 2 S class in Red. The only color I have zero legendaries in.

xploring 05/04/2017 02:16

This is great, thanks!

Disappointed to see Azarai ranked as D, I have two. :anguished:

Edit: Wondering if there’s a tier list for (multi-colour) Epics?

Oh, there is Cappucino’s Tier List for Pandora, forgot about that.

DoigteurFou 13/04/2017 11:11

For epics: groundshaker, earthcraft, mirror phantasm, choking sand, firestorm (only 1 or two) are the ones i would rate as most important.

For mutlicolored epics, soul eater and crackthorn beast see the most play. Three wishes is very good as well. Twinsoul Spirit doesn’t see a lot of play but has a deck that employs it.

Nettlesoup 13/04/2017 14:47

I had a Seifer once. Had to disenchant him, because I couldn’t keep him alive for long enough. :slight_smile:

In other words, you should use this tierlist only as an approximate indicator of each card’s versatility- it all depends on your deck and playstyle, as well as the situation on the board.

Jeffbert 13/04/2017 18:37

I agree but for newer players it’s good to have some guidelines.

THEGRIM 13/04/2017 21:21

I have the Mythic Krog Ogre King, should I dissenchant it?, and If I do, what do you reccomend me to craft? (preferible a complete deck not just a card), I love green decks or blue

THEGRIM 13/04/2017 21:23

should I disenchant Mythic Krog Ogre?, and if so, what should I craft?, I love green or blue decks

Jeffbert 13/04/2017 21:42

Take a look at these decks. This is the current meta.
I think any of these would be a good choice. Although they are sometimes not easy to play.

I personally always disentchant all mythic cards. My priority is to have all cards first and then try to get my favourite ones as mythic.
Or I would do it like Luu and only keep the mythic legendaries.
For mythic Krog I think you would get 400 shards, which would give you a legendary + an epic card of your choice (if you so chose) .

xploring 13/04/2017 21:43

Tethra or Aurora?

Nettlesoup 14/04/2017 12:32

If it’s a Mythic, disenchant it, like Jeffbert said above. I believe, however, that you will get more value if you use the shards to craft several Epics, then use the leftovers to craft 3 or so Rares, instead of an Epic and a Legendary, like he suggests

The deck templates included in the game are very good, and “well balanced” - if you haven’t completed those yet, do that first. The decks used in Meta can be tricky to play and often include at least 2 Legendaries.

Swimfan 10/09/2017 13:29

I was offered a really crappy legendary and I searched for this list … exchanged it and BAMS I got Seifer.

Thanks for this list! ^^