Faeria: Pre-Order The Adventure Pouch
Faeria: Pre-Order The Adventure Pouch Faeria: Pre-Order The Adventure Pouch
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Faeria: Fugoro

Welcome to the Oversky

Team-up with Fugoro on an epic Co-op Adventure against the Emperor of Mirnast, discover the Oversky and its treasures to save the unexplored kingdom from evil! If you’re up to the challenge, you can pre-order your Adventure Pouch before May 9th to get exclusive pre-order rewards!

Adventure Pouch:Oversky Pre-Order

March 15th

May 9th

And collect Gold for our Community War Effort to help unlock more content!

Adventure Pouch: Oversky Launch

Summer 2017

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Adventure Pouch Trailer!

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Adventure Pouch

Receive these items as soon as the Adventure Pouch arrives | Summer 2017

Get the Exclusive Adventure Pouch collectible item and access to the Oversky’s exciting new content

Help Fugoro with epic new Adventure Pouch Daily Challenges

Join your friends in our Co-op limited Boss Battle against the Emperor of Mirnast to deliver the Oversky from greed and evil and reap epic rewards

Team-up with Fugoro, or your friends, in a new epic co-op adventure! The Co-op adventure will feature a minimum of 6 Quest packs

Receive the exclusive full cosmetic set of Fugoro The Adventurer

Participate in the Co-op campaign and unlock 30 brand new cards

Pre-order exclusives | Get these rewards right now!

Receive all 6 of Faeria’s brand new cards, instantly after you pre-order

Entry into a prize draw to win our Alienware Adventure Pouch Package worth over $1,500

Receive the exclusive Adventure Pouch card back, our very first animated card back!

With any purchase of the Adventure Pouch, receive at least one chance of winning our Adventure Pouch Alienware Package containing an Alienware 17 laptop worth over $1,500

Receive 1 entry into the prize draw with the Pioneer Adventure Pouch, or 2 entries with the Supporter Adventure Pouch.

Play & Increase
The Value of your Adventure Pouch

Throughout the duration of the Adventure Pouch:Oversky pre-order period, every single piece of Gold awarded in game will be added to our community War Efforts that will help unlock more Adventure Pouch content for every Adventure Pouch owners to enjoy!

175,000,000 / 175,000,000

In Faeria, you play as a god fighting to regain your lost memory, known as memoria. Some of that regained memory manifests itself as the cards you earn and then subsequently play. You've got it - the answer to our first riddle means that in the Adventure Pouch: Oversky expansion, we will introduce 30 new cards lootable through the Co-op campaign!

61,516,230 / 300,000,000