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The ULTIMATE Faeria Guide

Posted by BrainiYak on 03/06/2021

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Every resource you need to start your journey through Faeria and master your competitive skills

- by Moonfassa


This guide will provide you with every resource you need to get started in Faeria and transition into competitive gameplay. It will largely contain content from my YouTube channel but also links some guides that other members of the community have created.

My Background
Community Links
Brand new to the game?
Faeria Cards
How to Counter Certain Archetypes
Advanced Faeria
Solo Missions

Fun tip: highlight one of the above topics and press ctrl+f to find that section easier

My Background

My name is Moonfassa. I started Faeria around 2016 and it quickly became my favourite game, replacing my previous interest in MTG. After a few years break, I started Twitch streaming and making YouTube content. The community was super encouraging, which is rare for media platforms, and I soon found myself creating numerous guide videos and other content.

As for experience, I've come first place in tournaments and on the ranked ladder. So hopefully I know what I'm talking about by this point and this article will help some of you to improve and have a better experience overall in Faeria!

Community Links

  • The official Faeria Discord is the main place people use for communication. There's lots of help for newer players and people looking to fight the co-op dragons.

  • Stay up to date on all Faeria-related news by checking out the monthly blog posts.

  • Community-built decklists (This is currently linked to an older account system so any new players will not be able to post here)

  • My links: YouTube, Twitch, Discord

Brand New to the Game?

Welcome to the game! Below, are some helpful links for those who have just purchased the game or are returning after a long break.

The ABSOLUTE Beginner's Guide to Faeria

The ABSOLUTE Beginner's Guide to Faeria A tutorial series on game mechanics, UI, and tournament registration.

Faeria Through the Eyes of a Beginner

Faeria Through the Eyes of a Beginner Starting a brand new Faeria account, I climb my way up the ranked ladder using whatever cards I find in chests and the 6 crafting charges I'm given in each video.

Learn what cards are worth crafting near the start of the game and how to fight with a bare card collection.

Decent Starting Decks

Starter Decks Crafted by SuperbLizard, here are some decent decks you can build near the start of the game after completing the first set of solo missions (after the initial tutorial missions) and spending a few crafting charges.


Here are a few resources to help you learn good deckbuilding techniques, or how to pilot decks already built by me and the community.

Deck Guides

Deck Guides If you just want to jump into it (sea what I did there?), I'll present you with my own decklists in this series and walk you through how to play them, why I made certain card choices, and how you can edit the lists to your liking.

The first 5 videos are DLC free and I've put a coloured book in the title of each video representing their difficulty to pilot: difficulty to pilot

The first video was the first guide video I ever made so please excuse the poor quality. I've been considering remaking some of my earlier videos now that I have better equipment and technique.

start without the DLC More no DLC lists built by SuperbLizard with a short description on how to pilot each of them.

Building A Deck From Scratch

There are a lot of cards in Faeria and it can be quite overwhelming for a new player to build a deck from scratch. The board also makes deckbuilding pretty unique compared to other card games.

Lizard's deckbuilding A short article written by SuperbLizard about what to keep in mind when deckbuilding.

Deckbuilding and pandora guide Part of my deck guide series, this video will walk you through detailed steps on deckbuilding and card considerations.

The Hub

the-hub/decks Decklists posted by members of the community. Try searching for 'seasonal cup' or 'open' to see decks that came in the top 4 of tournaments.

Note that this is currently linked to an older account system and has not yet been fixed, so any new players will not be able to post here (but you can still view the lists).

Probability Calculator

Calculator Starting creatures, as I mention throughout my guides, are creatures that can be played early to collect Faeria for you. This calculator can help you see how likely it is to find one in your starting hand.

In Faeria's mulligan system, you are shown 3 cards at the start of a match, with the option to toss away any of those that you choose and draw replacement cards. The cards you toss will never be seen in those replacement cards (even if you had more copies in the deck). This means that the probability of finding a starting creature will be greater if you have many 3x copies of cards in your deck, and lower if you have many 1x copies.

Faeria Cards

This section will be for information on specific cards, DLC cards, or just cards in general


DLC's, contrary to popular belief, are not at all necessary to do well or have fun in this game. The base set has exceptionally strong cards that hold their own. Having said that, there are plenty of great cards in the expansion DLC's as well. DLCs Summerflame's guide on the DLC expansions, balance changes to DLC cards, and other frequently asked quesitons.

Card Filtering

Card filters Below, are a list of all the special keywords you can use to filter for a card in the card collection screen. Just typing in a word on a cards' text will work too.

Keyword Reveals
incomplete all cards that you don't have a full set of
common/ rare/ epic/ legendary cards of the appropriate rarity
green/ blue/ red/ yellow cards with coloured symbols in their text
event/ creature/ structure the different card types
yak/ beast/ mecha/ rakoan creature subtypes
oversky /fall of everlife/ resurgence/ gagana different card sets An online search engine for Faeria cards if you're not in game or want to view the DLC cards you don't own.

A few cards haven't been updated since balance changes happened so just be aware of that also.

Dowloadable card images:

Downloadable card art:

Card Interactions

Card Interactions Confused why your opponent just threw a buffed Axe Grinder at your face using a Mistral Guide? Here's a list of all the weird card interactions in the game that you may not know about.


Tierlists Knowing the meta is super important when you want to build competitive decks and prepare yourself for cards you may run into at higher levels. Here is a series of tierlists I made with some help from the community.


Orosei Kaerukero's guide on everything Orosei: which creatures are the best to transform, probabilities, and some fun facts.

Custom Card Creator

Custom card creator Show off your creativity by making your own custom Faeria card. Community-made cards can be found in the official Faeria discord.

How to Counter Certain Archetypes

Countering Archetypes A series where I show you how to counter certain archetypes and what cards/decks you can use when you're struggling.

Advanced Faeria

After getting a handle on the basics and finding some decks you enjoy, this section will provide you with some more detailed tactics and strategies to start improving your games.

How to Open in Detail

How to open in detail This guide by Luuu90 is a little dated, so bear in mind that many of the cards/decks he talks about have changed since 2017.

However, the concepts he explains about starting land placement are still very relevant today.

I will be making more advanced guide videos in the future also...


Tournaments are a much different experience from the ranked ladder, as they involve bringing 4 different decks, deck banning, and a time bank.

Introduction to Tournaments and How to Register

Tournament registration Register here:

Open tournaments are available to everyone, seasonal cups by invite only.

Other links:

Crucible format

Community tournaments

Current FWC rankings

How to earn FWC points (Note that prize money is no longer offered)

Zorni's Ultimate Tournament Strategy Guide

zorni's guide A very descriptive article by Zorni, talking about tournament strategies.

My Tournament Analysis Series

Analysis A series where I analyze my past tournament matches over Twitch, talk about the plays, and have a discussion with chat.

Tournament Broadcasts

Faeria Tournaments

Solo Missions

I beat all the solo missions a long time ago so I don't have much to say about these. But here are some links from other community members who have created guides for them.

World Bosses

Aquablad vs the World Bosses

World bosses This is an old guide now (2017), but you can still use many of the decks/strategies he talks about here.

My recommendations

Many of the world bosses are pretty challenging and they will usually require you to design a specific deck to fight each one.

Building massive stats can work if they don't use hard removal, or even OTK combos. You'll want to find some way to efficiently remove their threatening creatures while still having a reasonable win condition, which will of course vary on the boss.

Remember, you're facing a pre-programmed AI which makes their choices predictable. Use that to your advantage by testing certain strategies and seeing how they respond.

Some specific cards that are very useful in these missions are Sharra, Bone Collector, Seifer, Possessed Ursus, Gabrian Enchantment, Punishment, Barter, and anything with deathtouch.


ALL puzzles are currently solvable (2021)

Core Puzzles

core puzzles Ojamamask's solutions to all core puzzles.

These ones won't be available in the puzzles screen until you beat them in the solo missions.

Elements Puzzles

elements Matrien's solutions to the first page of the Elements DLC.

I couldn't find an organized guide that contained the rest of the puzzles so if anyone knows of a decent one let me know. Maybe I'll have to make one in the future sometime

Community Puzzles

hunter puzzle "Get to 330 Faeria this turn"

This puzzle was proposed by Hunter, the master of puzzles himself. Solution by Summerflame here.

More community puzzles can be found on the Faeria discord or my own discord.

Create Your Own

Faeria editor Create your own puzzles using the tab at the top left.


Pandora is Faeria's draft mode, and offers some great rewards to build up your card collection.

Introduction to Pandora

Intro to Pandora A 3 minute section to introduce you to Pandora. The rewards given can be found here.

Pandora in Detail

Deckbuilding and pandora guide Includes a deckbuilding guide as I mentioned earlier in this article, but the link above will take you to the Pandora timestamp.

Some Pandora matches I streamed on Twitch

pandora stream

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