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DLC Guide + FAQ

Posted by Summerflame on 25/06/2020

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A quick guide to the DLCs, covering common questions and a small summary for each card expansion.


The guide hopes to answer questions about the Faeria DLC. This will focus on the main DLCs - the expansions that unlock new cards. Small notes on other DLC are at the bottom.


Do I need the DLCs to be competitive?

Nope. A list of decks without any DLC needed can be found here. [List by SuperbLizard]

Which one should I get first?

If you only plan to get one, I recommend Fall of Everlife if you want to be more competitive, or Chronnicles of Gagana if you want more creative deck building options.

However, if you know how you like to play I'd recommend looking at the full list of cards in each set. (linked below in the detailed guide)

Do the DLCs transfer accross platforms?

Unfortunately not. Since accounts accross platforms cannot be linked, DLC is unable to be shared between those.

What do I get when I purchase a DLC?

First, the DLC should unlock the relevant cards to be earned. You can check this in card viewer. The cards will need to be earned before you can use them in decks.

However, each DLC comes with 10 battle chests, each containing 4 cards you don't already have. You can additionally use saved crafting charges to get more.

You will also receive cosmetics exclusive to that DLC.


Sales ranging from 30-50% have happened over the last year for each of the DLC. My guess would be generally every ~2-3 months one could expect something like that.

Source: Steamdb

Is there any way to test out cards before buying?

Yes! In pandora - the draft mode - you can draft cards from any expansion in the game, even if you don't personally own it. You can play a few rounds of pandora and find cards you enjoy playing with.

How are the DLC denoted on the card?

The text background on the cards is different for each set. Examples:

  • Base
  • Oversky
  • Fall of Everlife
  • Resurgence
  • Chronicles of Gagana

    In depth guide on each expansion DLC

Each section has a link to the original card reveal page from when the cards were originally released, as well as all of the changes since release. A small summary of key concepts for each DLC has been included.

Note: This guide has a slight bias for competitive cards.

Fall of Everlife

Released August 2018 - (Link)


  • Corrupt keyword - Creatures with an effect when they step onto enemy lands
  • Subtype Synergy (Rakoans, Yaks, Beasts) - Cards that work together if they match tribe

Notable cards:

  • Rakoans - Rakoan Illusionist, Rakoan Champion
  • Beasts - Orphan Fugu, Hunt Down
  • General Tokens - Shield Mates, Rakoan Recruiter, Rain of Fish
  • Control Tools - Baldurion, Majinata, Spirit Theft, Laya

Balance changes since release: *

Shadowsilk Faerie

  • Cost 2f -> 3f

Laya Lady of Sorrows

  • Land cost 3W -> 4W

Deranged Monkey

  • Stats 0/2 -> 0/1

Monstrous Hydra

  • Stats 5/5 -> 5/6


  • Cost 5f -> 6f

Spirit Theft

  • Land cost 3D -> 2D 2W

Rakoan Illusionist

  • Cost went from 2f to 1f
  • Land cost 1D 1L -> 2D 1L

Rakoan Cannoneer

  • Stats 3/2 -> 2/2
  • Cost 3f -> 2f
  • Can now only target enemy creatures

Hunt Down

  • Land cost 1F 2W -> 2F 2W

Ghost Dragon

  • Cost 3f -> 2f


Released October 2018 - (Link)


  • Yellow 4's Archetype - Focused on disrupting the enemy hand
  • Red +1 Archetype - Gets stronger for choosing +1
  • Blue Tritons Archetype - Gets stronger with fellow tritons
  • Green Teleport Archetype - Teleports around to forests

Notable cards:

  • Yellow 4's - Husk, Blightborn Specter
  • Blue Tritons - Tide Lord, Bloated Toad
  • Unique Neutrals - Shozen, Gagana Birdship, Ulani Defender

Balance changes since release:

Radiance Scourge of Oversky

  • Effect "Enemy creatures can't move or attack next turn." -> "...can't move or attack next turn."

Enslaved Priest

  • Stats 2/3 ->2/4

Shozen the Sky Eater

  • Land cost 5W -> 6W

Haunted Husk

  • Activation Production -> End of turn
  • Health 3 -> 2
  • Land cost 2D 1W -> 2D 2W

Barrensky Vulture

  • Cost 4f -> 3f

Wrath of Ignus

  • Cost 6f -> 3f
  • Effect "Deal 4 damage randomly, cost reduced by 1f each time you choose +1" -> "Deal x damage randomly, where x is the amount of times you have chose +1"

Yak Shepherd

  • Land cost 3W -> 2W

Bloated Toad

  • Effect "Last Words - Summon an enemy frog" -> "This enters play with an enemy frog Swallowed"

Animated Banquet

  • Stats 2/2 -> 1/1

Looking Glass Phantasm

  • Land 1W 3L -> 5L

Savior of the Meek - Cost went from 3f to 2f.

  • Land cost went from 2F 2L to 1F 1L 2W.

Zephyr Vulpine

  • Stats 3/3 -> 3/4

Banon Captain of the Radiance

  • Stats 4/5 -> 5/5

Chronicles of Gagana

Released April 2019 - (Link)


  • Discover keyword - Cards that let you choose a card from 3 to receive
  • Maps and treasures - Cards that start you on a quest to unlock powerful treasures (ex)
  • Adventurers- Cards that activate when ending their turn on enemy land
  • Mecha Subtype - Subtype that can destroy large boards in an explosive turn

Notable cards:

  • Mechas - Junkfeet, Detonate, Airbot
  • Maps - Aryana, Gagana Treasure Seeker, Message in a Bottle
  • Discovery - Barter, Seek Shelter, Crystal Spice
  • Archetype Enablers - Celeste, Amai Merchant, Stargazer

Balance changes since release:

Sharras Inspiration - Cost went from 4f to 2f, effect went from "Give a friendly creature +2/+2 for each adjacent enemy" to "...+1/+1 for each adjacent enemy".

Amai Merchant - Effect went from "Discover a card that costs 5f or more. Add the 2 cards you didn't pick to your opponent's hand. They all become Wild." to "...that costs 5f or more..."

Crystal Spice - Cost went from 0f to 1f.

Thyrian Expedition - Cost went from 0f to 1f, effect went from "Discover a card with 5 or higher total land cost. It becomes Wild and costs 1f less." to "...with 4 or higher land cost. It becomes Wild. and costs 1f less".

Fugoro Captain of the Gagana

  • Land cost 2L 2W -> 2L

Other DLCs


Elements is a puzzle pack dlc. It consists of 40 puzzles, as well as an exclusive cardback you can get from completion. You additionally get several mythic chests for completing some of the chapters.

The puzzle difficulty varies, all generally more difficult than the puzzles seen in the tutorials.


Premium provides additional deck slots**, exclusive cosmetics, and double experience gain. Experience goes to leveling up, which provides cards while you are still missing any.

If you have any further questions, check out the discord. Players are often available to discuss or help.

*F = forest, L = lake, M = mountain, D = desert, f = faeria

**Additional deckslots can be also bought with ingame currency gained from playing

Updated August, 2021

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