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Faeria Academy

Posted by Aquablad on 08/03/2017

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Faeria Academy is compilation of the best articles on The Hub to get a new player started. They have been listed in a particular order to help build up your Faeria knowledge as you read.

Faeria Academy

Faeria Academy is series of articles created to help new players get started in Faeria. They have been listed as chapters to help build up your Faeria knowledge as you read. It starts with the basics such as building a deck and land placement but then moves on to advanced concepts like the mulligan and the power wheel.

This guide is for both beginners and experienced players. The start of the Academy will teach you the base fundamentals of Faeria. The Academy has been designed to give a smooth learning curve so that by the time you've finished reading you’ll be comfortable with all aspects of the game. If you’re experienced with Faeria you may still find useful information. Each article provides access to additional resources that provide further help on the subjects being covered, including videos and similar articles.