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FWC Community Tournament and Streaming Guidelines

Herein you will find all you need to know about how community tournaments can become sanctioned for FWC Points!

Posted by Atmaz


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The Faeria World Circuit is a seasonal based competition where players earn points by participating in the in-game monthly ranked ladder, bi-weekly Championship League tournaments, and sanctioned community tournaments. After each season, the players with the most points compete in the Seasonal Cup.

In order for a community tournament to become officially sanctioned and provide FWC Points, it must at first meet our general guidelines.

General guidelines

  • Must be published on Battlefy.
  • Must be open registration
    • Cannot be invitational.
  • Registration cap cannot be below 32 players
  • Must be a 1v1 competition.
  • Must allow streaming as desired by players and/or commentators.
    • Streams must use a 10 minute delay at a minimum.
    • Tournament admins approve spectators that will observe games in their tournament.
    • Non-approved spectators should not observe any games without tournament admin permission.
    • "Coaching" or giving live advice to other players during tournament games by any means is not permitted. Tournament players are expected to play to their best ability on their own.
  • General competitive standards:
    • If tournament is Single Elimination - Matches must be Best of 3 or greater.
    • Third place matches should take place when applicable.
    • If special deck rules are used, organizers should make enforcing these rules as practical as possible. Any violations detected by players should be reported to Abrakam. Abrakam cannot support in-game enforcing of these rules.
  • Players that are currently banned from all Abrakam events cannot participate.
  • Each tournament is ultimately subject to individual judgement by Abrakam to determine eligibility

Applying for official sanctioning

Interested in running a community tournament and want your players to earn FWC points? Great! We are highly supportive of this.

We ask that you apply at least a week in advance of the date of your tournament in order to provide official sanctioning.

To apply, contact Atmaz in our Official Discord, or email him at

FWC Point amounts

The amount of FWC Points your tournament provides depend on the amount of participants you have.

Participants are defined as players who complete at least one match in your tournament. Simply registering is not enough. Tournament organizers are expected to be honest and forthcoming with their amount of participants, and any deliberate attempts to fraudulently report participants could result in the unsanctioning of your tournament.

Point distribution is as follows:

8+ participants:

  • 1st place: 15
  • 2nd place: 10
  • 3rd Place: 5

16+ participants:

  • 1st place: 25
  • 2nd place: 20
  • 3rd Place: 15
  • 4th Place: 10
  • 5th-8th Place: 6

32+ participants:

  • 1st place: 40
  • 2nd place: 30
  • 3rd Place: 20
  • 4th Place: 15
  • 5th-8th Place: 10

Automatic Stream Viewer Rewards

Abrakam is happy to provide the services of our loyal "Eggbot" to Twitch channels that broadcast officially sanctioned Abrakam tournaments!

Whether you're observing other matches or broadcasting your own, your viewers can win in-game prizes in Faeria, just by watching.

To hook up the Eggbot on your channel, you will need to contact Atmaz at least 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. After that, you need to do absolutely nothing. Eggbot will carry the load.

Your viewers will need only to link their Twitch account to Faeria, as described here.

Standard available stream prizes

If viewers link their accounts and watch for the minimum required time, they can win:

  • 1 hour+: 1000 gold - Guaranteed!
  • 1.5 hours+: 1 Pandora Coin - Rare chance
  • 2 hours+: 1 Mythic Chest - Epic chance

If a viewer has watched for the appropriate amount of time, they have a CHANCE to win that prize every 30 minutes. Each prize can only be won once. Watching for at least an hour guarantees a gold prize! (Prizes can take up to 30 minutes to distribute)

All prizes are awarded directly in game. Neat!