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Hunter's Kaios Challenge

How big can you make Kaois?

Posted by hunter


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Note! This challenge is complete. See the results at the bottom of the page.

The Kaios Challenge

This challenge is simple.. or is it?

The challenge is to play against the A.I. and buff [Card=608]Kaois, the Demented Overmind[/Card] as big as you possibly can.

Can you match or beat a 275/275 Kaios?


  • There are no card restrictions.
  • The only rule is you must play against A.I., not against a friend.


  • 1500 Gems


First to submit a screenshot and get 275 or higher claims prize.

Contact hunter#6123 on the Official Discord for submissions and questions.


Winner: Nomisabeu

The first person to accomplish the challenge was Nomisabeu, who reached a staggeringly high 924 Kaios, higher than we even thought possible!

Record holder: SacredFrog

The highest submission overall, however, was made by SacredFrog, with a 1136/1136 Kaios. That's a whole lot of Kaios.

These solutions involve using Ulani's Meallion, Spirit of Rebirth, and Doomsday.

Well done!

No handbuffs

However, how high can you get Kaios without using handbuffs?

Well, that solution is shown here, and 182 should be the absolute maximum for this:

Finally, the original solution combined this strategy with the help of Tree of Everlife to reach 275, which you can see here:

Thanks everyone for participating, and keep an eye out for more challenges!

Here's one for you:

Can you get at least 2000 Faeria against the AI without using Feed the Forest?

Warning, this one is very difficult.

Raheem 24/01/2019 09:16

The feats herein are staggering.