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Card Review - Divine Guardian

My card review series returns with the exciting six new epic cards!

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Card Review - Divine Guardian

The Adventure Pouch is on the summer horizon but before its release we have six brand new cards for you to enjoy. The meta-game has been in a consistent state with Blue Jump, Yellow Events and Green Red Crackthorn at the top of the tier list. These new cards hope to bring a shift in power and influence new and exciting decks.

In this series of card reviews I will analyse each card individually and what they offer decks, old and new. These are my first impressions and written before the cards were released.

Divine Guardian

Divine Guardian is the sturdiest harvester in the game. The keyword 'Divine' stops her from being targeted by events and abilities. This makes her a fantastic early game harvester. It is very common in Faeria for early creatures to be removed by events. Flame Burst, Seifer's Wrath and Soul Drain can easily dispatch early collectors. Divine Guardian offers you a creature that only can be removed through combat. Unfortunately she isn't protected from Blue Jump’s mobility.

Divine Guardian’s text is interesting because it offers a form of temporary invulnerability. This is a late game ability, giving Divine Guardian an additional effect to protect you.

This ability shines against direct damage decks like Red Burn. Divine Guardian will make it a little harder for your opponent to deliver the killing blow. Against more popular decks it will become more difficult to keep her alive. Without an attack value she can't defend herself and falls mercy to her enemies in combat.

The ability is very powerful against One Turn Kill decks. Ninja Toad OTK and Green Yellow Rush will have to invest resources into clearing the Divine Guardian beforehand. One Turn Kill decks don't want to do this because their resources are spread thin and it will make it harder to setup their lethal.


I'm very happy with the Divine keyword because it will allow Divine Guardian to safely harvest Faeria without the fear of abilities and events. However, Divine does come at a price. This also means you can't target her with your own cards. I know I'd love to power-up Divine Guardian to make an unstoppable force. This drawback will limit deck-building based around this card.

Hand buff is the main way to power her up since Divine is not active while she's in your hand. If you'd like to try her then consider swapping her out for a lower curve creature. I’ve covered hand buff strategies in my Deepwood Stalker review. Be sure to check it out!


Divine Guardian is a solid card but is limited because of the Divine keyword. She is a reliable harvester against events and abilities but will suffer in combat.