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Card Review - Deepwood Stalker

My card review series returns with the exciting six new epic cards!

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Card Review - Deepwood Stalker

The Adventure Pouch is on the summer horizon but before its release we have six brand new cards for you to enjoy. The meta-game has been in a consistent state with Blue Jump, Yellow Events and Green Red Crackthorn at the top of the tier list. These new cards hope to bring a shift in power and influence new and exciting decks.

In this series of card reviews I will analyse each card individually and what they offer decks, old and new.

Deepwood Stalker

Deepwood Stalker is surprisingly a cute spider. This is quite a feat because I’ve never considered a spider “cute” in my entire life. The spider boasts reasonable stats with two attack and four life. What makes Deepwood Stalker stand out is the unique Gift ability. When Deepwood Stalker enters the battlefield it will “fight” another creature. This ability isn’t restricted by range and you don’t have to summon your creature adjacent to your target. Stalker will simply initiate combat with target creature when it comes into play.

At a base level, Stalker’s ability is fantastic for clearing creatures that are out of reach. Two attack does limit Stalker’s damage reach but can still clear small harvesters like Battle Toads and Spring Mochi. Additionally, Green has many ways to extend the reach of Stalker’s ability and attack.

Hand Buffing

Deepwood Stalker has the potential to amplify the power of “hand buff” strategies. Green has a selection of cards that work in this archetype.

Spirit of Rebirth has a lot of potential with this card. Pushing Stalkers stats from a 2/4 to a 3/5 is actually pretty significant. Stalker as a 3/5 can now clear very popular creatures seen in the meta-game. Triton Trainer, Water Elemental, Axe Grinder and Underground Brigand to name a few. Getting more than one power-up on your Stalker is great but one alone will extend its reach considerably.

Eredon is another card that gives Stalker that one power push. Eredon is a lot pricier than Spirit of Rebirth and needs to be destroyed before you see a benefit. Spirit of Rebirth can be set up as an early harvester and is two Faeria cheaper. However Eredon ensures consistency as he will hit all of your spiders once he is destroyed.

Oakling might see a comeback because of Deepwood Stalker. An Oakling power-up on the Stalker gives Green a high value removal card. Deepwood Stalker as a 7/9 can challenge all popular creatures in the game. The only draw back is the variance of Oakling’s ability. Sometimes you won’t hit the spider but you can work around this by playing other creatures first.

Ruunin’s Presence is another card that can give Deepwood Stalker a massive power-up. This card is very high variance but if it does net you a Stalker you will be very happy.

Damage Cards

Deepwood Stalker can get help from damage cards to clear other creatures. Red already has a strong relationship with Green thanks to Crackthorn Beast.

Deepwood Stalker could have a natural fit in Red Green because you won’t rely on powering it up while it's in your hand. Cards like Seifer’s Wrath, Flame Burst and Groundshaker can assist the Stalker in finishing off its prey.

Deepwood Stalker would likely replace Sagami Warrior. They both fill the same slot in the deck but Sagami Warrior has an additional attack and can be used as a turn one harvester.

Potential Decks

Deepwood Stalker can fit in any Green deck. The card has tremendous utility and will help with destroying creatures. Here are three decks that I can see Deepwood Stalker finding a home in.

The first deck is your run of the mill Mid-Range Green. I’ve taken out one Willow and one Overgrown Tower to make room for our eight-legged friend. No more than two are needed in a deck that can’t power it up in hand or combo it with damage.

The second deck is Sonneillon’s ‘value’ Green deck. With a few moderations I’ve included Oakling’s to further extend the reach of Stalker and other cards in the deck. Try to protect your Spirit of Rebirth and get as much value as you can from its ability.

Last but not least is good old Crackthorn. The easiest replacement was the Sagami Warrior. This limits the decks turn one plays but does open up more removal options when using the Stalker and removal cards.


Deepwood Stalker has a lot of potential and further extends Green’s arsenal. I’m happy to see Green get more unique tools. Deepwood Stalker might need the assistance of Red to see it’s full potential but I have high hopes for the card.