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Faeria Friday: Patch Notes, April 3rd 2020

Written by Gary Morris  |  04/03/2020

Today's weekly blog post will double as patch notes, as we've applied some changes today to a pair of Gagana cards.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Patch Notes

Crystal Spice
- Faeria cost increased by 1.

Thyrian Expedition
- Faeria cost increased by 1.

We've received a lot of feedback on these Discover cards from Gagana. While we originally intended to tweak these cards in ways that required changing card text, we're in a spot right now where doing such a thing will severely set back various review and QA processes we're going through as we prepare for console release. Therefore, we're fairly limited to adjusting only Faeria or land costs in cards for the near future.

Anyway, we decided that these changes would likely accomplish what we're after, which is to generally charge more of a cost for the out-of-color privileges these cards provide. While card draw is generally not so important in Faeria, Faeria cost is - and 1 Faeria cost really, really matters. While these changes may not seem significant, we think they will pull these cards away from being so commonly encountered, but still be useful cards in specific deck archetypes.

tl;dr: We don't want to kill the cards, but we do want to nerf them.

Special PVP map

We are going to try another PVP map soon, but we decided that with the Seasonal Cup coming next weekend it wouldn't be great for those players practicing for it after today's changes.

More on that below.

Aurora Open #5 Results

Congratulations to the winners of Aurora Open #5!

  • 1st. RaiZo - Egypt
  • 2nd. Nightingale - Finland
  • 3rd. MUTEI - Japan
  • 4th. iBlue - Hungary
  • FWC Points

Aurora Seasonal Cup and $10k Tournament

Unfortunately, the recent global situation seems to have slowed down our progress on having everything ready to have the $10k tournament qualifiers ready by April.

Sorry about that... but hey!

The Aurora Seasonal Cup will instead be taking place next Saturday, April 11th at 16:00 CEST.

It will be streamed live on FaeriaTV. Perfect thing to watch while stuck at home.

If you are qualified for this cup, you will be recieving a message soon in our official Discord.

Seasonal Reset

The next seasonal reset is scheduled, as always, for the first Monday of the month.

That makes the next one THIS Monday, April 6th.

This is a bit of a sudden possibility with the unexpected change in schedule, but we could add this season reset into the Season of Aurora FWC points - if you folks want us to.

Why would we do that?

Well, a lot of people have said the current structure is a little weird with 'resets within the month count for that month's season." This would shift it so that from now on, the month's reset counts for the season of the previous month.

Anyway, we'll probably poll players on our Discord about it and see what they think. If there's any major resistance we'll wait to do this another time.

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