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Faeria Friday: Farm Bellish

Written by Gary Morris  |  09/20/2019

This week, we continue to push forward some bug fixes and tweaks in our efforts to port to console.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

This Week's Updates

Here are the issues addressed this week:

  • AI should now be fixed in co-op
  • Match format is now selectable in lobbies
    • Note: Known issue that some lobbies may not correctly complete a full set of games.
  • Account identifiers will now be case-insensitive in the friend list, and other issues regarding these will be fixed
  • Continuous sound on some buttons even when mouse left the button zone should no longer occur.
  • A bug causing "Meroval Queen's Farm Bellish" to appear in place of Discover or "Choose one" cards has been fixed

When you see this guy, you know something is really broken.

Thank you to everyone who continues to report bugs during these rapid series of updates. We are working hard to fix what we can!

Khalim open #3 Results

  • 1st. TheTrueQuAz - Ireland
  • 2nd. happyjo - South Korea
  • 3rd. iBlue - Hungary
  • 4th. seshoumara - EU

Final 2019 Khalim Open Tournament

Decks of the Week

Khalim Open #3

Community Decks