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Faeria Friday: Hotfixes

Written by Gary Morris  |  09/13/2019

Today's Faeria Friday doubles as a set of patch notes. We've had some major account changes this week in preparation for console launch this year!

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Today's updates

Today's Faeria Friday doubles as a set of patch notes.

We've pushed an update today with the following fixes/adjustments to Faeria:

  • Various performance issues have been improved
  • Card choices with empty text in them should no longer appear
  • Resolution settings should no longer reset each time you restart Faeria
  • Pandora mode should no longer show random empty spaces in deck lists
  • Several causes of crashes have been fixed

Known issue:

There are some weird highlight behaviours involving things such as UI buttons and lands remaining highlighted. We will be fixing these problems in a future update.

Account updates earlier this week

As mentioned a couple weeks ago, we have applied some major changes in the way Faeria account names are handled.

  • Faeria usernames are no longer unique
  • Accounts now have a unique id (instead of a unique username)

In the short term, this will effect how you add new friends to your friends list. Remember, you must use their unique ID for now, until we find a better way to do this.

As a reminder, all of these changes are done in preparation for console release this year!

Ladder ranking

Our ladder ranking on no longer shows usernames correctly after the recent account changes. This is on or list of side-effects that we need to fix!

MSPaint Khalim

Last week we asked you to MSPaint Faeria.

This wonderful piece was made by Wilczym. Can you beat this?

September Khalim Open Tournaments

Tomorrow is the first official Faeria tournament of September!

Sign up above and register your decks in game to participate.

Decks of the Week