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Patch notes: March 15th, 2017. Preparing for the reveal

Written by Abrakam  |  03/15/2017

We have pushed a new server update in order to be ready once the March to War is completed. And yes, it's happening very soon!

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

This update will be preparing our server for when the March to War is completed. You can read all about our celebration stream here

We also took this opportunity to apply some improvements to Faeria:

  • We have improved the way multiple pending rewards are being sent to your Faeria client. Long-story short, we are now bundling the rewards together. So, if you have 5 Battle Chests rewards pending, you'll see "You received 5 Battle Chests" instead of 5 times "You received 1 Battle Chest"
  • We have tweaked up Gold per victory in order to be higher on average. We have noticed that the apparition of the 10G was happening too frequently. In addition, we now have increased the maximum amount of Gold that could be won per victory to 150G

Recruit your Friends

With Faeria's 1.0 update, we introduced our improved User-Journey. One of this improvement was the faster leveling (by more than a factor of 3) and it's impact on our Recruit-Your-Friends program hasn't gone unnoticed.

With that in mind, we are proceeding with the following updates:

  • Recrutees can now set their recruiters up to level 15 (was level 5 previously)
  • On Friday, we will be updating the tiers. When doing it, we wanted to make sure that everyone would find the updated version fullfiling and we believe that we achieved that

The updated Recruit-Your-Friends Tiers list will become:

  • T2 is now unlocked when your friends reaches level 15 (was 10)
  • T3 is now unlocked when your friends reaches level 50 (was 25)
  • T4 is now unlocked when your friends reaches level 100 (was 40)
  • Super T1 is now unlocked when your 2 of friends reaches 10 (was 5)
  • Super T2 is now unlocked when your 3 of friends reaches 15 (was 10)
  • Super T3 is now unlocked when your 3 of friends reaches 40 (was 20)
  • Super T4 is now unlocked when your 4 of friends reaches 50 (was 25)
  • Super T5 is now unlocked when your 5 of friends reaches 60 (was 40)

New features

  • Six new cards added to the game. See them here!
  • The collection filters are now directly displayed in the collection view, and not in a popup window. Mythic cards are hidden by default. To show mythic cards, use the new button in the top-right corner of the screen, next to the "Crafting" one.
  • Added a new maintenance screen (now displayed in a popup instead of a simple text)

Balance change

  • Egg of Wonders changed to: "When you draw a non-legendary creature, Egg of Wonders becomes a copy of it."

Developer commentary:
"Now that we've entered the time of legends, we've changed Egg of Wonders to only trigger off non-legendary cards. The egg has been restricting our design space for exciting legendary creatures for a while, because of its RNG-heavy design. This change substantially expands the game's design space, and might even make Egg decks more consistent. You can now include utility-based legendary creatures in your Egg decks without worrying about accidentally hatching all your Eggs into 1/1 copies of Aurora."

Bug fixes

  • Fixed tournament lobbies that weren't showing tournament decks properly when entering deck selection for the first time
  • Fixed a bug where cards in hand were sometimes invisible for spectators
  • Fixed the "New deck" button that was sometimes causing crashes when clicked during the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue that was sometimes causing the turn to not end visually
  • Fixed some animation issues where some visual elements could end up in the wrong spot (like floating structures) by resetting their positions at the end of the turn (a more complete fix will come with a next update)
  • Fixed Failed Experiment and Demon Wrangler interaction: Failed Experiment will now destroy the Demon Wrangler (instead of the summoned Demon Wing), and the dead token that remained on the board is now fixed (Failed Experiment and the Gnat also caused the old Gnat to visually remain on the board, it is also fixed)
  • Daily quests won't be shown anymore if you go back to the home screen during a tutorial.
  • Mythic chests coupons are redeemable again.
  • The client reconnection delay was shortened to allow for quicker reconnections
  • Various performance improvements