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The War Effort is close to completion

Written by Abrakam  |  03/14/2017

The War Effort is nearly fully funded. Troops are standing by. Brace yourselves.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

The War Effort's progress

We've been monitoring the progress of the War Effort over the past few days (which has greatly exceeded our expectations), and predict that at the current rate it will reach completion some time in the late evening tomorrow.

Very well. So be it.

We will be celebrating the occasion with a live stream on our official Twitch channel, FaeriaTV. There, we will reveal more information about what you've been fighting for.

War Effort Stream

  • When: 5:00pm CET, Wednesday, March 15th
    We'll start the stream at this time and let it run until the War Effort is complete. Then, the real stream will begin. During all times that the stream is up, you are eligible to win prizes. (see below)
  • Where:
  • Who: Hosted by Atmaz and Aquablad
  • Why: Eggs.

Some of you may have watched our Monthly Cup events on our channel before, but this time things will be a little different.

Introducing: Eggbot 2.0

We have rebuilt it. We have made it better than it was before. Better, stronger, harder boiled.

What is Eggbot?

Eggbot is the loyal robot we use to distribute prizes to viewers on our Twitch channel during special events. Previously, these prizes have been awarded via email after linking your Twitch account to Steam.

Eggbot 2.0 scoffs at the idea of using primitive emails. Eggbot 2.0 will deliver your stream prizes directly to you in game with its ultimate power.

Why is it called Eggbot?

Among the prizes it distributes are precious Eggs. These Eggs eventually hatch into something magnificent when the Monthly Cup rolls around.

What do Eggs hatch into? Well, you may have seen a few of the results before, but this time they'll have a chance to hatch into something brand new.

What could they be? You'll have to tune into the stream tomorrow to find out.

New method of linking your Twitch and Faeria accounts

This is now made easier as well. From now on, you'll be able to link your Twitch and Faeria account on your user profile page on The Hub at:

Remember, to receive any prizes from watching the stream, you must have your Twitch and Faeria accounts linked this way.

Stream prizes for tomorrow

During tomorrow's special event, Eggbot 2.0 will set out on its maiden voyage to deliver unto you the following fabulous prizes. Watch for the minimum amount of time for each prize and get a chance to win it every 30 minutes. You can only win one of each prize.

  • 30 minutes: Chance to win 1000 gold
  • 60 minutes: Chance to win a Pandora Coin
  • 90 minutes: Chance to win a Mythic Chest (VERY rare)
  • 120 minutes: You get an Egg - Guaranteed.

To be clear, Eggs will not be hatching during the stream tomorrow - but you'll be able to pick one up if you don't have one already. Then you can sit on it to keep it warm until the next Monthly Cup.

If you already have an Egg avatar, Eggbot will force itself to send you an Egg coupon via email that you can use at a later date.

App Store issues

Due to technical issues with the latest Faeria version on the App Store, we have temporarily removed it from available downloads. If you already have Faeria on your iPad, this will not affect you. However, new players will not be able to download Faeria from the App Store until we fix this issue, which is expected to be resolved tomorrow.

We apologize for this brief inconvenience, and are working on bringing it back as soon as we can.

Steam Pack discount ends tomorrow

In unrelated news, don't forget to buy the Steam Pack before the sale ends tomorrow!

Remember, when you purchase the Steam Pack it is applied to the Steam account you purchased it with. You cannot transfer it to another account, just like any other Steam game or DLC, so be sure to be logged in with the main Steam account you plan to play Faeria on.

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