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Faeria Friday: The New Economy

Written by Abrakam  |  05/11/2018

Today we share the next chapter in the story for the upcoming content, and breakdown just about everything you need to know about the new economy. Plus, community guides and more!

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The New Economy

As announced previously, Faeria will be transitioning into a Buy-to-Play model this summer, in tandem with monthly releases of new content.

A common question we’re asked is:

“How will my inventory be transitioned into the new model? Will I lose progress that I have gained over time?”

The short answer is: “No.” We are very mindful to preserve the sense of progress each player has earned as much as possible. Today we’d like to elaborate on that and give you a more clear idea of what will happen to your account, and why.

Summer FAQ

Firstly, we’d like to coalesce all that we’ve announced up until this point about what is coming this summer in one comprehensive list. This way, you shouldn’t need to hunt down every piece of information we’ve discussed, including card reveals and incoming features.

This post will be updated as we continue to release more information and answer more questions.

Our goals

Simply put, we want to remove the ability for players to spend lots of money to acquire more cards and have an advantage in the new model. At the same time, we want to preserve some sense of ‘progress’ in playing each game of Faeria and allow every piece of new content we introduce to be somewhat of a journey. This progression is designed to be much faster than what you’re already used to. We expect anyone to be able to much more easily expand their collection when playing the game, new players and veterans both.

Currency overhaul

In-game currencies are being simplified in a way that provides for no more purchasing of Battle Chests.

  • Gold, Memoria, and Pandora Coins are being removed from the game.
  • Gems and Gem prices will remain exactly as they are.
  • You will no longer be able to purchase Battle Chests with any currency.
  • A new cosmetic currency, Shards, will be introduced - which can be used to purchase Mythic Chests or individual cosmetics from the shop. One Mythic Chest will cost 6000 Shards, or the normal amount of Gems.

Battle Chests

  • Battle Chests will no longer produce any duplicate cards, and will be reduced to 4 cards each.
  • When you obtain all Rares, each Battle Chest will guarantee at least one Epic, or one Legendary when you obtain all Epics.
  • Battle Chests themselves will be used as currency for normal Pandora runs.
    • We recognize this may seem somewhat strange to use Battle Chests as a currency for Pandora runs, but we will be creating an additional “Mythic” Pandora mode that will use Shards as currency. More on that below.
  • Doing the math, it will take 172 Battle Chests to complete your core set with the new Battle Chests compared to an average of significantly over 500 with the old system.
    • This takes into account the 104 cards you get from playing Solo and assumes you wait with all your Memoria until you can craft the entire set so that there is no waste.

Obtaining Battle Chests

  • You will receive one Battle Chest each time you level up.
    • Experience required to reach each new level will be increased to compensate for how much more valuable levelling up will become.
  • Daily Quests will all reward one Battle Chest.
  • Daily Login rewards Battle Chests, Shards, or Mythic Chests.
    • The rate will be approximately one Battle Chest every four days, and one Mythic Chest every month.
  • If you already have the maximum number of copies of every card in the game, when you would normally obtain a Battle Chest you gain 600 Shards instead.


  • Crafting will become time based, and will no longer cost any currency.
    • Memoria no longer makes sense now that you cannot obtain redundant copies of any card.
  • Disenchanting will no longer exist.
  • You will no longer be able to craft Mythic cards.
  • Crafting a card will become available every 12 hours, and will be instantaneous.
  • You will be able to store up to 3 “charges” of Crafting at once, meaning not logging in for 36 hours would accumulate your crafting ability to its maximum.
    • New accounts will start with 3 stored charges.
  • Common cards can be crafted at any level.
  • Rare cards can be crafted at levels 10 and above.
  • Epic cards can be crafted at levels 25 and above.
  • Legendary cards will not be craftable.


  • Pandora runs are now 6 wins or 2 losses compared to 9 wins or 3 losses
  • There are now two types of Pandora runs: Normal and Mythic.
  • Normal Pandora runs will cost 2 Battle Chests to enter and provide rewards in the form of more Battle Chests, Cards, and Pandora points, depending on how you finish.
  • Mythic Pandora runs will cost 2400 Shards and provide rewards in the form of more Shards, Mythic Cards, Mythic Chests, and Pandora points.
  • Phantom coins are being removed
  • Both Single Player and Multiplayer Pandora modes will remain.

The Oversky

  • The Oversky will now come completely free with the base version of Faeria.
  • Cards are now unlocked by proceeding through the missions rather than by purchasing islands.
  • The first island begins unlocked, the other islands unlock when you complete the first island.
  • Mythic Oversky cards will now be available from Mythic Chests


Goki will continue to exist, but provide Shards instead of gold.

Season Rewards

Account Transitioning

It’s very important that we translate player inventories as fairly as possible into the new model. In summary, here is what will happen to your account:

  • Currencies you own that no longer exist will be converted into Battle Chests at an equivalent ratio.
  • If you have a full collection, and therefore need no more Battle Chests, you will be given an equivalent number of Shards at the same ratio.
  • Any player that has ever spent more than $40 (or local currency equivalent) will get a free upgrade to a Premium account that grants faster card acquisition and bonus cosmetics.
    • This Premium account will be separately purchasable for others on Steam.
  • For every 1$ ever spent on an account, it will receive 50 Gems in addition to any other conversions.
    • (Edit, previously we incorrectly stated 8 Gems. The intention here is a 20% bonus, since one dollar is equal to 250 gems, 50 gems is the intended amount given here.)

To make this as clear as possible, we’ve created a calculator you can use to see the results of these changes.

Note that using this calculator is unnecessary, and we only have made it available in case you are extra curious. To use it, you can make a copy of the Google Spreadsheet and enter your own numbers in the appropriate area. Follow the instructions within.

This calculator will convert the following for you:

  • Gold
  • Memoria
  • Pandora Coins
  • Battle Chests
  • Cards owned (Total number)
  • Oversky Islands
  • Remaining Goki days
  • Real money spent
  • Gems (remain the same)

Prices and DLC

We have not yet finalized the prices for monthly content, the base version of Faeria, and the Premium account upgrade. We will be sharing this information as we get closer to release.

Questions you may have

“Is there no need for Battle Chests once you have the complete core set?”

Battle Chests will still be used for expansions. Our intention with this model is to prevent players from banking up huge amounts of chests before an expansion and instantly getting everything - stripping away the collection building aspect of the game, something we feel is very important. Broadly speaking, we want people to take a few days filling out each new set.

“Will the number of Mythic Cards you own count toward your “normal” cards owned when determining if you have a full collection?”

No. Your Mythic collection progress is completely independent, and it’s possible to eventually gain a full collection of both.

“Will I need to log in every 12 hours to craft something?”

No, you will be able to store up to three “charges” of crafting at a time, which accumulate every 12 hours.

“The only way I can get a Legendary card is when it appears in a Battle Chest?”

Yes. Battle Chests will have no duplicates, and will maintain “at least 1 Rare or better” per Chest. This means if you collect all the Rares, they will now contain “at least one Epic or better.” And if you have all Rares and Epics, “at least one Legendary.” However, at that point you might even have all Commons, which means your Chests would all contain cards of higher rarity. We’d really like to emphasize that increasing your collection size should become insanely faster than before.

“Will tournament players be able to use all cards no matter their collection?”

No, you’ll need to use your own cards to register decks for any tournament. However, we will make efforts to not release a bunch of new cards so soon before a major tournament takes place, so we do not predict it will be a big issue.

“Why even have two types of Pandora runs?”

Mythic Pandora runs are designed for those who have achieved a full collection. At that point, which many players will reach, you’ll have no reason to obtain Battle Chests and will only receive Shards from all rewards. You can then wager those Shards in a Mythic Pandora run to win cosmetic rewards, or spend the Shards normally on Mythic Chests or individual cosmetics directly.

“What happens to my Gems?”

Gems will remain exactly as they are, and you’ll keep all of them. Gem prices are not expected to change. Anything you can buy with Shards, you can buy with Gems. There may be some cosmetics you can only purchase with Gems.

“What happens to my Mythic cards and Mythic Chests?”

You keep all of the ones you currently have.

“What happens to my Battle Chests?”

You keep all of those, too! However, if after the transition we calculate that you have more Battle Chests than required to complete your collection, each excess Battle Chest will be automatically converted into 600 Shards.

“Do Mythic Chests contain only Mythic Cards?”

Mythic Chests remain just as they are now - with the chance for Mythic Cards or special cosmetics. They will follow the same no duplicate rule that Battle Chests do, and have Oversky cards added to them. We also plan on adding many new interesting cosmetics to the game with B2P release.

For example, here’s something you may be interested in:


Thank you for reading. We are very excited for this summer, and we appreciate your continued feedback! More questions may be added to the list above as questions roll in.

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