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Faeria Friday: War... war always changes

Written by Gary Morris  |  03/10/2017

Let's talk about some of the reasons behind the new reward system. And don't forget, there is a War Effort in progress.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

The War Effort marches on

In case you missed it, check the bar at the bottom of this page for the current War Effort progress.

At the time of this screenshot, we're already over halfway there!

We're very surprised by the speed at which this bar is filling. Much of the reason it has progressed so fast is due to older players revisiting the game and claiming pending rewards they had waiting for one reason or another.

So.. Welcome back!

Go ahead. Fill that bar. Do it. See what happens.

The new reward system

We've heard a lot of feedback on the new reward system, and we'd like to make sure we get the word out and highlight some of the most important reasons behind these changes.

To put it simply, we've moved away from heavily weighting gold rewards on whether you win your games or not. By increasing the pace at which players level up, and rewarding a larger amount of gold when that occurs - we are looking to prevent the roadblock many new players feel they run into when they feel they are stuck in this vicious cycle:

  • "I don't have the right cards."
  • "I can't win games because I don't have the right cards."
  • "I can't get more gold because I can't win games."
  • "Halp."

When we weight gold rewards more heavily on raw experience earned, this becomes much less of a problem. Daily Quests are of course an already existing method of alleviating this, but we still wanted to provide even more solutions. Therefore, we introduced the new "Daily Login" reward system.

We may not have made this clear, but you don't have to log in every single day in order to ramp up these bonuses. You can take a break for a week and come back, and your next reward will still be waiting for you. Once you fill out the card completely, you'll receive a brand new one.

The end result of all these changes is a progression system that is roughly the same speed as before, but redistributed to cater more toward the first hours of play (along with Daily Quests and First Win of the Day bonus, that still exist), as well as not requiring you to win in order to progress as fast as others.

Now, we've been hearing feedback on the negative feelings players are having for getting relatively small rewards after each win. Keep in mind, in our patch this morning we corrected a bug that should make the appearances of "10g" much less common. Additionally, we are already discussing ways on which we can make your progress to the next big gold reward much more clear. We still would like to reward players for winning games, but it raises a big flag for us if the rewards we are giving them are producing negative feelings.

This is an area we'll have a close eye to in the coming weeks, and thank you for your feedback.

The Faeria Academy

Nick "Big Daddy Aquablad" Secker has put together an incredible resource for new players on The Hub that are just getting started, and it's called:

Each chapter contains detailed breakdowns on exactly what you need to know about each concept, often supported with videos or other articles. If you're looking for a great resource to get started from, look no further.

The Hub

Decks of the Week:

Upcoming community events:

Saturday, March 11th

Wednesday, March 15th

  • Midweek Madness - 7pm CET
    • Last week's winner: Zarrockar - Two weeks in a row!

Good to see all these new faces around. Hope you like it here.