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Faeria Midweek Madness

Noaphiel will be running small, fun tournaments, smack in the middle of each week. Bring only one deck. Every match gets streamed! First come, first serve. Win 5000 gold!

Posted by Noaphiel


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Faeria Midweek Madness

What is Midweek Madness?

Faeria Midweek Madness is a weekly fast paced open cup tournament series featuring 8 players taking place every Wednesday on 7 PM CEST. All matches are Best of One, all players bring only one deck, all matches are streamed!

How can I participate?

Every Wednesday on 6:30 PM CEST the sign ups will begin. The sign up link will be posted at exactly this time in the Midweek Madness Discord channel and the first eight players to sign up will play the tournament. First come, first serve. No invites, no exceptions. To receive the sign up link, you should join the Midweek Madness Discord Server:

What are the rules?

The rules are quite simple. Every match is a Best of 1. You bring exactly one deck and play the whole tournament with it.

Tournament Prizes

The winning player will receive

  • 5000 ingame gold

Tournament Schedule

Another special thing in this tournament will be, that every match gets streamed! Therefore, there is the following schedule.

  • 6:30 CET Sign Ups start
  • 6:50 CET Brackets are generated
  • 7:00 CET Quarter Finals Match 1 (Seed 1 vs Seed 8)
  • 7:15 CET Quarter Finals Match 2 (Seed 4 vs Seed 5)
  • 7:30 CET Quarter Finals Match 3 (Seed 2 vs Seed 7)
  • 7:45 CET Quarter Finals Match 4 (Seed 3 vs Seed 6)
  • 8:00 CET Semi Finals Match 1 (Winner QF 1 vs Winner QF 2)
  • 8:15 CET Semi Finals Match 2 (Winner QF 3 vs Winner QF 4)
  • 8:30 CET Finals