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Custom Card Creator Contest #3 Results

This time, players were challenged to build some interesting structures. Check out the results here.

Posted by DeezNuggets


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Alright! Another contest down. It was great to see so many cards! We had over 110 entries this time! Most of the cards were awesome, and it took me a while to determine a winner. But the scores never lie, don't they? I've never seen so many cards with such high scores thus far. You guys are definitely upping your game! Shoutout to SamOvar who did most of the custom artwork you see on the front page!

Anyways, I bet no one tends to read this part anyway. You just want the scores, right? Well, here they are!


3rd Place


Can I just say this card is amazing? This is probably my favorite card from the submissions I received. This card would be super fun to play. Good job Serrakura. You receive a pandora coin.

2nd Place


  • Artwork Link:
  • Balance: 9/10
  • Creativity & Originality: 29/30
  • CCCC Special Rule: 39/40
  • Total Points: 77/80

    Now these are active structures! Its best to play multiple copies of this card for the best value. I love those type of cards! This is a very creative card and definitely a favorite with me. Good job Unreachable. You receive 1000 gold and a pandora coin.

Honorable Mentions



1st Place


Talk about structure synergy! You can have you own structure party with this guy! Your structures will never die! Well, when you're tired of them, just scrap them and help this bad boy out. Good job Shiho. You receive 2500 gold and a pandora coin.


Congrats to everyone who won, and thanks to all who participated. I'm just so touched that you guys tune into my contest and make cards for me. I know it may not seem like much, but I'm very thankful that I can host events like this. Speaking of being able to host contests, let me give a

Shoutout to Atmaz & the Abrakam Team who generously provided you with prizes. Aren't they phenomenal? Anyways, the next contest will arrive before the end of the month sometime, so be ready. And until then, peace out!

Custom Art Note - from Atmaz

As always, we appreciate the custom art submitted to this contest, even if the cards themselves don't win in the end.

Look at these beauties!