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Faeria Manta Cup 2 Recap

Recap of FMC2 tournament, which took place on Saturday, December 30th at 2:00 PM CET.

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Tournament on Battlefy (bracket)


  1. RaiZo, Egypt - 5 000 gold
  2. Donpork, Korea - 2500 gold
  3. S_t_0, Japan - 1000 gold

Featured Decks

This RaiZo's deck had faced Y Rush 8 times in the tournament and lost only once! Y Rush is considered an unfavorable matchup for Y Tempo, but not when RaiZo "Rush Killer" is piloting it.

Is it still Y Flyers if there are no Drakkar Skycaptains? Is it still Y Control if there are no Wind Soldiers? Interesting deck featuring forgotten Soul Pacts and universal Emperors Commands instead. Undefeated in round 2.

S_t_0 put 2 Oradrim Fanatics and cut Scourgeflame Specter from conventional RY Burn. He switched his opening deck to this extra-mobile deck in the 3rd place match and had not regretted it.

A Deck based on 2 rarely seen Oversky cards - Path to Paradise and Rakoan Chieftain. Skc, an established Faeria player, was caught by surprise in round 1 as he was steamrolled by BoBBiN's invention.



  1. RaiZo ("Y Tempo") def. Donpork ("Y Fly Control")
  2. RaiZo ("Y Tempo") def. Donpork (Y Rush)
  3. Donpork (R Combat) def. RaiZo ("Y Tempo")
  4. Donpork (R Combat) def. RaiZo (BG Ramp)
  5. RaiZo ("Y Tempo") def. Donpork (R Combat)

3rd Place

  1. S_t_0 ("RY Burn") def. Happyjo (GB Ramp)
  2. S_t_0 ("RY Burn") def. Happyjo (Y Rush)
  3. Happyjo (Y Flyers) def. S_t_0 ("RY Burn")
  4. S_t_0 (Y Rush) def. Happyjo (Y Flyers)


Donpork reading RaiZo


  • Majority of games of the tournament were streamed
  • While 1/4 of all participants were N. Americans, none of them reached quarterfinals
  • No games ended with a result 3:2 in round 2. All games ended with a result 3:2 in round 3.
  • Donpork has the "2nd place curse"


  • A lot of mid-range decks .. and mantas.
  • No R Rush decks.


  • 23 players competed in the tournament
  • The tournament lasted 5 hours
  • Streamed games are highlighted in the bracket
  • This time seeding was random (to fasten up the start of the tournament which took a while as couple of players were missing sign-ins).


Matrien & Skorch

Mngwa & Grogore (scattered videos)





Whats next

Faeria Manta Cup 3 on Battlefy. Seeding will be based on player rank (God rank position). Parallel "Tier-2" bracket (tournament) is a possibility.