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Hunter's Fatigue Challenge

What is the highest fatigue damage ping?

Posted by hunter


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I'm hunter. I've designed many puzzles for Faeria that I usually just post on Reddit. Because of all the effects and mechanics this game offers, with the right combination of cards and sequence of plays it is pretty cool what puzzles you can come up with.

My newest puzzle is more of a challenge. Instead of the typical "present board - do this", I am asking you to actually accomplish this in-game. If you're up for it, grab a friend and play a private game, and see if you can accomplish the challenge!

The Challenge

First, If you don't know how fatigue works, every time you draw when you have 0 cards in your deck, you take fatigue damage. This increases by 1 and starts at 1. Hence the Nth draw will deal N damage.

The challenge is, how high can you get N? Can you get at least 54?

Figuring out how to accomplish this is one thing, but to design a deck and play it out in a game is the real puzzle.

Keep in mind:

  • Don't die from fatigue too early.
  • You have at most 34 turns before your opponent dies from fatigue.


  • Must be played in a private match, either with a partner or an alternate account.
  • The opponent must +1 and pass every turn (and must not play any card)
  • Regular in-game rules apply.
  • There is no card restriction. Go for any strategy you wish.


  • 3500 in-game gold + 1 pandora coin

The prize is given to the first person who sends me a video clearly showing a 54 fatigue damage ping.

The easiest way to do this is upload it on:, and pm me the link.

For submissions and questions, pm discord: hunter#8274