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Custom Card Creator Contest #2 Results

The results are in! This contest focused on land manipulation cards.

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CCCC #2 Results

Another contest has come and gone, and I’m sure you’re all dying to see the results! Am I right? Of course I am! Let’s get to the winners!

Before I start let me do an overview of the cards. I got over 80 entries this time, so we’re continuing strong. I had a lot of cards with the effect “When this dies over an enemy land, gain control of it,” or at least something to that effect. A good chunk of them were pretty standard. However, a couple stuck out from the crowd and did very, very well. So, here they are!


3rd Place



Kushamo created the most land ramp heavy card ever known. Now you can get you Frog-Tossers out even earlier for only a small faeria fee! Good job Kushamo. You deserve a Pandora Coin.

2nd Place



  • Artwork: User Made
  • Balance: 8/10
  • Creativity & Originality: 29/30
  • CCCC Special Rule: 38/40
  • Total Points: 75/80

Hao_Tw packs land manipulation into a ranged creature, very creative if I do say so myself. Have an Oradrim Fanatic jumping all over the place? Say no more! Get rid of it and move its land away from you to keep yourself safe. Good job Hao_Tw. You deserve 1000 Gold and a Pandora Coin.

Honorable Mentions

Before we determine the winner, we must also acknowledge some of the entries that were so close to making the cut.


Image: Artwork: Balance: 7/10 Creativity & Originality: 28/30 CCCC Special Rule: 28/30 Total Points: 73/80



1st Place



Hire the boys! They’ll do the work for you! Need to clear the way to make some room for some grazing Prairie Yaks? Sure! Gain faeria and add some Farm Boys to your hand at the cost of your special lands. Oh well! Nothing better than a hard day’s work, right? Good job Margalard! You deserve 2500 Gold and a Pandora Coin.


Congratulations to the winners and a special thanks to those who participated! I’m so happy I get to do this as it has been a dream of mine. Hopefully you guys use your prizes and open some chests. You know who gave you those prizes? Atmaz and the Abrakam Team provided you with the prizes and also allowed me to host this event. Thank you guys! I don’t know when the next CCCC will appear, but I hope it will be about one week before Christmas if I’m not too busy with finals and all that. Anyways, have fun you guys! Peace!

Original Art shoutout

Atmaz note:

Special shoutout to all those who created custom art for this contest. We always love seeing these!