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If Yaks Could Talk: Faeria Caption Contest #2 RESULTS

The Yaks have SPOKEN! Results of the Caption Contest, If Yaks Could Talk.

Posted by Akagisha


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If Yaks Could Talk: Faeria Caption Contest 2

Results: The Yaks have spoken!

The second Caption Contest has come to an end. We shared all the submitted captions with the Ogres, and they APPROVED! And in fact, it was all the more reason for them to continue the party. I guess they'll find any excuse to have a party. Keep it up ya'll Ogres! And don't forget the invites :-) Once again, it was hard to pick the top three. But take a look for the top three placers as well as for the Honorable Mentions.

How did we judge?

Three judges: Akagisha, Atmaz, and J0k3se Method: Each judge secretly picks their favorite top five. When all judges have picked, they reveal to each other their choices. The picks that are shared among the judges are the winners! Plus some discussion. If there aren't enough shared captions, then I (Akagisha) will pick the final winner.


1st place: 2500 in-game gold + 1 Pandora Coin

2nd place: 1000 in-game gold + 1 Pandora Coin

3rd place: 1 Pandora Coin

If you are in one of the top three, please send a private message in Discord to Lucas #7561 (Akagisha) to claim your prize! OR you may send a private message to uwlryoung on Reddit.

Without Further Ado, the winners!

1st Place

"Ogre parties are once in a lifetime experience, especially if you are the main dish."

by Psychopauser

A great spin on the "once in a lifetime" idiom, taking both the metaphor and literal sense of the meaning. This really shows that the ogres really know how to party, and hopefully, if you are invited, you are on the guest list and not the menu.

2nd Place

"Krog throw big party! Everybody dance! Krog grill bomb slinger! Everybody run away!"

by jaicouru

Krog sure knows how to throw a party!! And sometimes, he gets a little carried away. This caption perfectly shows us that Orges are big and gruff and can take lots of damage, but clearly aren't the brightest of the bunch. And Krog is no exception.

3rd Place

"Krog's bomb disposal squad still has a lot to learn."

by Luuu90

A very funny take on this picture. They aren't actually dancing (for the purpose of dancing)! They are dancing to disarm a bomb! Yes indeed, the Ogres have never ceased to amaze us in the things that they do. Looking at this picture and imagining that they are trying to disarm a bomb makes me laugh every time.

Congrats to the winners, Psychopauser, jaicouru, and Luuu90, and fantastic captions! The Yaks are pleased.

Honorable Mentions

There were many other fantastic captions that we couldn't just leave out! Here are a few of the honorable mentions in no particular order.

"The Ogre's who were seen dancing, were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

by Sulphur

A clever usage of Nietzsche's quote! Are ogres really as crazy as we think? Yeah. Probably.

"When ogres dance, the rocks soar high. But when Krog doth prance, his ogres fly."

by mittenz

A great little poem with rhyme including funny lore! Krog must be about to enter this picture!

"Ogres make their most important political decisions while dancing around the fire."

by Aasgier

Another funny idea that ogres do things... differently. If only we could enjoy politics like them...

"You see Ogres dancing? I see a well placed Flame Burst."

by ronolulu

A unique perspective! Seen as ogres jumping from being startled by Flame Burst. Who was the caster?!

"That's the last time I let you finish off the Yak curry!"

by Sponge

Don't ever get in the way of an ogre and the last pieces of food! #savetheyaks

Last Words

Thank you to my fellow judges who are willing to take the time, Atmaz and J0k3se! And thank you to Abrakam for providing the in-game prizes. And again, thank you to the community members of Faeria. You all really are a creative bunch and really make Faeria a great game to around in!

Be sure to speak for the yaks again in the next caption contest, If Yaks Could Talk 3.

And remember to think twice about joining an ogre dance party!