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Custom Card Creator Contest #1 - Results

The results are in! Check out the winners from the first CCCC.

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CCCC #1 Results

Wowee! Our first CCCC is over! Let me tell you I had a fun time grading all of your cards. However, it was quite a hassle go through so many submissions. OH! Did I mention I received 140 submissions! That’s incredible! We will definitely continue to do these in the future if they are this well received! Now I am sure you are waiting for the good part, the winners. I know, I’ll get there.

There were a lot of good cards this time around, and the scores were quite close! It was interesting to see how each of you represented the theme. I didn’t see a single card that was remotely close in effect to another card this contest, which was quite surprising. Without further ado, let’s discuss the winners!


3rd Place



Kyotto creates an awesome mobile card with an ability (Retaliate) that activates when you are below 10 life. Imagine moving a creature out of the way, falling below 10 life and barreling your powerful 5/5 Charge 2 creature toward your opponent for a comeback. Nice job Kyotto! You receive 1 Pandora Coin!

We actually had two second place winners this time around. So here they are!

2nd Place

Pirtz Image:

  • Artwork: User Made
  • Balance: 8/10
  • Creativity & Originality: 13/15
  • CCCC Special Rule: 17/20
  • Total Points: 38/45

Pirtz created a great representation of this CCCC with this card. Send a creature back to square one while also trading lands with that annoying Axe Grinder or Mystic Beast spot your opponent always seems to get. And please, we can’t forget that amazing user made artwork, can we?! Good work Pirtz. You receive 1000 gold and a Pandora Coin.

2nd Place



  • Artwork: User Made
  • Balance: 7/10
  • Creativity & Originality: 13/15
  • CCCC Special Rule: 18/20
  • Total Points: 38/45

Weresloth creates a nice comeback creature to help vs all sorts of defecits, especially those including being rushed down. Imagine if you’re at 1 life. You have a 2/19 Taunt that heals you up when attacked. But be careful. He’s risky to play because he’s prone to removal. A job well done for Weresloth. You receive 1000 Gold and a Pandora Coin! Honorable Mentions

Before we discuss the winner, we should put some honorable mentions in there, too. Sounds good?

Honorable Mentions







1st Place



The moment I saw this card I loved it. It’s fun style and relevance to the CCCC makes it so awesome. If you have a whole load of creatures surrounding you, wall them up and gain faeria at the same time! This allows you to create the advantage you need before they shrink to 1/1 creatures. You knocked this out of the park, Yuwee! You receive 2500 Gold and a Pandora Coin!


Congrats to all the winners! You guys did incredibly well! Thank you to everyone who participated. I am amazed at the attention this received! I see people in the Faeria community discuss the CCCC on a daily basis and it warms my heart. Trust me, we will definitely keep going strong and crank these contests out. A special thanks goes to Atmaz and the Abrakam team for letting me host this event and providing prizes (Aren’t they amazing?).

Alright! Who’ll be there next CCCC?!