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Monthly Cup XV Recap

Find out what happened during our 15th Monthly Cup! Find out who took home the gold along with deck lists and videos!

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Monthly Cup XV Top Four

The top four of this Monthly Cup were as followed:

  • Alvar
  • Luuu90
  • Kahillian
  • Zarrockar

Prize winnings

Final brackets

Tournament VoDs

Watch the action from the Monthly Cup here!

Monthly Cup XV Decks

Here are all the decks used by the top four players!

1st Place - Alvar

Blue Yellow Tempo

Mono Green

Red Combat

2nd Place - Luuu90

Green Rush

Yellow Tempo

Red Combat

3rd Place - Kahilian

Blue Green Tempo

Blue Yellow Token

Red Combat

4th Place - Zarrockar

Red Combat

Yellow Tempo

Green Yellow Sacrifice

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