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Metashaker deckbuilding contest #7 - Oversky week #3 results

Best decks of the third week of Oversky.

Posted by Bobrokrot


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Last week you have been sharing your awesome ideas for the decks with us and now it is time to conclude what ideas are the best. Everybody was experimenting with the new Oversky cards and it was indeed a hard task to impress the judges. In the end what are the most original decks of Oversky week #3?

Totem Gnats

It is a GY gnat deck made by onnig90 which features Sky Yaks and Manta Riders as well as Tiki Totems and Annoying Gnat. Tbe deck focuses on getting maximum value from Tiki Totem — the interesting thing about its effect is that it also works during the opponent's turn. Thus whenever your Gnat dies and respawns or Manta Rider dies and summons a Flying Manta, they get a buff from Tiki Totems both during your and opponent's turns. With Flash Wind and Celestial Tower you can move your buffed creatures to the aggressive position, and remember that Sky Yaks can be summoned in the aggressive position or inbetween the wells with the help of Gnats.

For the 1st place onnig90 recieves 5000 gold. Congratulations!

OTK When Yaks Fly?

It is a triple color combo deck made by Snapoid which features Sky Yaks. A ton of Sky Yaks. Fill the Sky with Yaks using Auroras Creation and then use Gift of the Rakoa on Ninja Toad for the one turn kill. Feed the Forest with Primeval Colossus will give you enough faeria for the explosive combo. No more words, you'd better see it with your own eyes.

For the 2nd place Snapoid recieves 2500 gold. Congratulations!

Turbo Tow

It is a BY deck made by Tristle that features Oversky Towship and Flash Salmon. Push your lands towards your opponent with Oversky Towship and bully your opponent's harvesters with sturdy creatures of yours such as Ancient Herald, Tyranax and Towship itself. Flash Salmon can be great to finish off low health creatures as well as to trigger Khalims Prayer to press your faeria advantage even further.

For the 3rd place Tristle recieves 1000 gold. Congratulations!

Honorable Mentions

Closing words

Thank you everyone for sharing your awesome ideas! Watch Luuu90's Metashaker #7 deck submissions review to take a look at some other submissions as well and to know what he thinks about them.

Don't forget that the Metashaker Oversky marathon is still running! Check out the Metashaker #8 with even more cards from the Oversky! Check the news on the Hub or offical Faeria discord #tournaments channel.