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Monthly Cup Recap XI

New faces and old champions reached the top in Monthly Cup XI. Find out what decks the top four played here!

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Monthly Cup XI Top Four

The top four of this Monthly Cup were as followed:

  1. Maihem
  2. KumpelKefer
  3. Arianelle
  4. shadowblue

Prize winnings

Final brackets

Tournament VoDs

Watch all the action from the Monthly Cup here!

Monthly Cup IX Decks

Here are all the decks used by the top four players!

1st Place - Maihem

Blue Dream Reaver

Green Yellow Sacrifice

Green Red Crackthorn

2nd Place - KumpelKefer

Blue Jump

Green Red Crackthorn

Yellow Events

3rd Place - Arianelle

Green Control

Red Control

Yellow Events

4th Place - shadowblue

Blue Jump

Red Control

Yellow Events

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