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Card Review - The Emperor's Command

My card review series returns with the exciting six new epic cards!

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Card Review - The Emperor’s Command

The Adventure Pouch is on the summer horizon but before its release we have six brand new cards for you to enjoy. The meta-game has been in a consistent state with Blue Jump, Yellow Events and Green Red Crackthorn at the top of the tier list. These new cards hope to bring a shift in power and influence new and exciting decks.

In this series of card reviews I will analyse each card individually and what they offer decks, old and new. These are my first impressions and written before the cards were released.

The Emperor’s Command

The Emperor’s Command is a powerful neutral event that has amazing utility. All of the choices above can have a major impact on the game. The card costs two Faeria which is exceptional value considering the options you’re given. This is a neutral card so any deck can make use of it.

Give a creature -2/1

Your first choice has powerful applications when fighting enemy creatures. Reducing the attack of a creature gives you an opportunity to survive the combat. Reducing the life of a creature gives you that extra reach, making sure you can clear a threat. This choice is possibly the most powerful of them all.

Reducing a creatures stats is a great way for all decks to turn the tides of battle. Not all decks will have access to power-up cards like Elderwood Embrace. Interestingly enough, Green is most likely going to run this card to help counter certain creatures.

Shaytan Assassin has always been a huge threat to Green but if you reduce a creatures power from 1 to 0, then it is destroyed. Before you would have to rely on Falcon Dive and a creature but now, the Assassin doesn’t stand a chance.

Deal 3 damage to a structure

Universal structure removal is a great inclusion to the game. Giving every deck a way to answer powerful structures helps level the playing field.

Once again, Green didn’t have a reliable way to answer structures without building a lot of land towards the target. It has been said by top players that if Green encounters a Forbidden Library their chances to win are severely crippled. Not any more, thanks to The Emperor’s Command.

Gain 4 life

The last choice is four points of healing. This is another fantastic option that can keep you alive in a match longer. You will most likely use this to buy another turn to find answers to an aggressive opponent.

Alternatively this is an option that can slow down Burn decks. Burn already have a lot of problems with healing and a neutral, low cost heal, isn’t going to help them.

Deck List

The Emperor’s Command can fit in any deck. I’ve seen it included in all sorts of decks on the ladder from Blue Jump to Green Yellow Sacrifice. It’s strongest application is in Mono Green because it covers two weaknesses. Being able to destroy Shaytan Assassins in one card is incredible for Green. Destroying Forbidden Library from afar stops Green from wasting power wheel turn building lands towards the target.

This is a more recent version of the Deepwood Stalker list. I’ve peaked at Rank #49 God with this list and very happy with it so far. It plays like traditional Mid-Range Green but tries to gain early value with Bone Collector and Spirit of Rebirth. I originally included Oakling but added Living Willow instead for the Blue Jump match-up.


I strongly believe this is the best card of the six new epics. It’s a cheap and versatile utility card that can be used in any deck. It removes structures, creatures and can heal you in a tight spot.