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Metashaker Faeria Deckbuilding Contest

Build a deck and have it judged by the best of Faeria. The winner will receive battle chests!

Posted by Aquablad


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Hello, friend! Are you tired of meta? Krog smashed you into pieces? 2 cost for 10 faeria gain Faeria Tree seems too broken? Boulder Thrower's AoE destroyed your Farm Boy army? Then this contest is for you!

Today I am happy to announce the Metashaker deckbuilding contest! Together we will make the brand new decks and shake up the meta!


The task is to make the most original and fun deck using the brand new 6 cards released recently. Pick a card and make a deck which uses this card efficiently. The winner's deck will be the one which has as much synergy with other cards in the deck as possible.


1) The deck must contain at least one copy of a card from the following list:

  • Iona's Smile
  • Illusion of Grandeur
  • Deepwood Stalker
  • The Emperor's Command
  • Krog's Dinner
  • Divine Guardian

2) You may submit as many decks as you want.

3) You may only submit your own creations. It is prohibited to submit someone else's deck.

4) The conteset ends on Saturday May 27th. The winner will be determined in a few days after.

Determining the winner

1) The following factors are considered when choosing a winner:

  • The amount of synergy and possible interactions the chosen card has with the other cards in the deck.
  • How original and fun the deck is.
  • The overall deck viability in the current meta.

2) The winner will be chosen by the jury:

  • Modgnik
  • Luuu90
  • Bobrokrot

How to submit the deck

1) To submit a deck you need to submit this form. 2) It may be a screenshot from the ingame deckbuilder or the Hub or the link to deck posted on the Hub. 3) You may also write a deck description but it is optional. If you feel that there is something special that we absolutely must know about your deck — feel free to write about it!


  • The winner will recieve 4 Battle Chests.
  • 2nd and 3rd place will recieve 2 Battle Chests each.

Thanks to Atmaz and Abrakam for the prizes!

For all the info contact me (Bobrokrot#0111) on the official Faeria Discrod server.

DavidFindley 19/05/2017 09:35

ye, I want a balance patch