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Monthly Cup X Recap

The dust has settled and Teddy has taken home the gold. Check out the top four players decks and the VoDs of the tournament!

Posted by Aquablad


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Monthly Cup X Top Four

The top four of this Monthly Cup were as followed:

  1. Teddy
  2. Zarrockar
  3. Imperia
  4. Alvar

Prize winnings

Final brackets

Tournament VoDs

Watch the tournament here!

Monthly Cup X Decks

Here are all the decks used by the top four players! (Designed by weipenghuang on Reddit)

1st Place - Teddy

Blue Jumper

Red Combat

Mid-Range Green

2nd Place - Zarrockar

Blue Jumper

Yellow Events

Green Red Crackthorn

3rd Place - Imperia

Blue Jumper

Yellow Events

Green Red Crackthorn

4th Place - Alvar

Blue Jumper

Yellow Events

Red Bargain Control

Malsanity 12/05/2017 13:01

4/4 with Blue Jumpers. Nerf time yet?