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Custom Card Creation Contest #6: Avatars!

The 6th Custom Card Creator Contest focused on creating your own card from some of the characters in game.

Posted by DeezNuggets


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CCCC #6: Design an Avatar

The CCCC is back! It has been a while, I know. But now that the expansion has dropped, the creativity has run anew. Not just for me, but also for you! There are obviously a lot of new mechanics I could capitalize on for this contest, but since the new cosmetics caught my eye, I decided this would be a perfect time for an avatar contest.

CCCC Special Rule

Choose an avatar from the cosmetic section (not one that is already a card!). Then, center your card around it. Simple enough? Great!


Goals All you have to do is make a card from the website below that best follows the three contest rules. That is it!

(Thanks to GameShark for the website. Check out the cool new features!)

Note: If you are using art from an outside source, please link the artwork in the form. Custom artwork is always welcome, encouraged, and can earn you points.


Your card will be judged on a variety of factors ranging in degrees of importance on a point system. Whoever racks up the most points wins. There is a total of 80 points. Good luck! Here is what you will be judged on:


It is always satisfying to see a balanced card. Will be judged out of 10 points.

Creativity & Originality

The more I see the creativity shining, the more the points will shoot up! Will be judged out of 30 points.

CCCC Special Rule

Use the special rule in the most ceative way possible. This is the most important part of your card and will be judged out of 40 points.

Form Submission

Submit your cards here. Beware, I am not an easy judge!


The 3 best cards will be awarded with ingame rewards! It is like a dream come true!

1st Place: 3 Mythic Chests

2nd Place: 2 Mythic Chests

3rd Place: 1 Mythic Chest

Special thanks to Atmaz and the Abrakam team for providing the winners with delicious prizes.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via discord (DeezNuggets#8176)

That is all for me. See you at the results!