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Hex Templar Premier Tournament Recap

A quick recap (and some fun facts!) of the first HT tournament, which took place on Saturday, March 17th, at 12:00 PM EST (5:00pm CET).

Posted by Werfs


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Tournament Bracket

Top Four

Place Player Prize FWC Points
1 Sunekichi $25 Steam Cash 25
2 xged $10 Steam Cash 20
3 happyjo $5 Steam Cash 15
4 CaptainG - 10


Sunekichi's Red Combat stalling against happyjo's Green Rush to ultimately win the game

Top Decks


Sunekichi 3-1 xged
Yellow Tempo 1-0 Mono Green
Red Combat 1-1 Mono Green
Mono Green 2-1 Red Combat
Red Combat 3-1 Red Combat

Third Place Match

happyjo 3-1 CaptainG
Red Rush 1-0 Yellow Rush
Yellow Rush 1-1 Yellow Rush
Yellow Rush 2-1 Red Combat
Green Rush 3-1 Red Combat

Deck Color Representation:

Players were told to submit their decklists prior to the start of the tournament bracket, and after compiling them, here are the numbers!

  • Mono Red: 11
  • Mono Yellow: 9
  • Mono Green: 8
  • Mono Blue: 7
  • Green/Yellow: 4
  • Red/Green: 3
  • Red/Blue: 2
  • Red/Yellow: 1
  • Blue/Green: 1
  • Blue/Green/Yellow: 1


Casters: Werfs & Zorni

Fun Facts

  • Out of 16 players, 11 brought a Mono Red deck.
  • happyjo is the only player to bring three Rush decks to the tournament (and win with all three).
  • Mono Red and Mono Green are found in all top three decks, with Mono Yellow being found in two (the last decklist being xged's GY Sacrifice).
  • Green Rush can't win if they can't hit your orb. :thinking:
  • The Twitch livestream had a peak viewership of 92, averaging out at 74!