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Patch notes: October 26, 2016 - Chat with your friends!

Written by Abrakam  |  10/26/2016

We've prepared a patch this week with one long awaited feature: the ability to message your friends in-game! And that's not all...

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

New features

  • You are now able to send private messages to your friends!
    Here's how it works:
    • Pressing Enter anywhere will make the chat window appear.
    • A "Do not Disturb" button is located directly next to the X to close the window.
    • Useful commands:
      /w [ Player Name ]: Message a friend
      /r: Reply to a previous message
    • You can also use your friends list or click a username in the chat window to send a message to that player
    • After a while, the chat window begins to fade out. You can mouse over it to re-activate it
      Known bug: If you change the screen resolution during play while the chat window is displayed, you'll need to restart your client to revert the chat window's correct position
  • Land count is now displayed above each player's Faeria count. Lands you do not possess will be greyed out.
    Note: This is still not the final version of the UI we have planned, but we wanted to push these changes as soon as possible due to player feedback.
  • The friends list can now be displayed when in game
  • Players who are currently spectating you appear at the top of your friends list with the status "Spectating you"
  • Your last 3 opponents are added as friend suggestions

Bug fixes

  • An issue was fixed where cards were being removed from a player's library in some specific cases

New card art

  • Ruunin’s Messenger - by Franck & Jordi
  • Bloodfire Wisp - by Franck, Jordi & Yuan
  • Aurora’s Creation - by Franck, Jordi and Andrey
  • Aurora’s Trick - by Franck, Jordi and Andrey
  • Frogify - by Franck, Jordi and Andrey
  • Frog - by Jen, Jordi and Andrey
  • Battle Toads - by Jen, Jordi and Andrey