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Patch notes: May 23rd, 2016

Written by Abrakam  |  05/23/2016

Pandora has awakened, and with it comes a slew of balance changes and card adjustments. Read on to find out more.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Major updates

  • Pandora mode will be made available once the Fight for Pandora reaches 100,000 games. (This is done! Click here to learn more about Pandora.)
  • Ranked and Unranked mode will return to their previous versions. Highlander Battle will no longer be available.
  • Daily Quests now reward you a Pandora Coin in addition to the normal gold amount
  • The contents of many starter Codexes have changed. New cards have been added in place of old ones. As a consequence of this, anyone who has already unlocked the starter Codexes but does not possess one of the new cards added to the Codexes will automatically receive it.

10 cards receive their final art:

  • Daring Adventurer
    (concept art: Jordi and Franck/Illustration: Vitaliy)
  • Hunted Outlaw
    (concept art: Jordi and Franck/Illustration: Vitaliy)
  • Shaytan Scavenger
  • Oradrim Fanatic
  • Ruunin's Presence
  • Unbound Evolution
  • Seifer's Fodder
    (concept art: Jordi and Franck/Illustration: Andrey)
  • Krog
    (concept art: Christophe/Illustration: Andrey)
  • Firebringer
  • Ruunin the Relentless

Updates and fixes

  • Browsing your collection should now be faster
  • The 20 second end of turn timer is now more animated in the game
  • When leaving a game lobby, the avatar shown now clears instead of showing the default
  • Fixed opponent highlighting on tokens (when opponent hovers over it during his turn)
  • Audio level functionality in settings has been improved
  • Some improvements have been made to disconnection messages
  • Faeria Wells are now colored (distinguishing from yours and opponent)

Balance changes

Once again, this patch contains major balance and card adjustments.
A full detailed explanation of these changes can be found here on our forums.


Syland Horsemaster
+1 life, loses charge 2.
Now has “Gift - Give a friendly creature charge 3 until end of turn”.

War Yak
Now has “+2/+0 while your opponent has 10 life or less

Queen’s Favorite
+1f cost, +1 life

Magda, Queen of Meroval
Changes to the following:
Magda, Queen of Meroval - 4 faeria
Your Legends cost 2 faeria less.
Production - Add a random Legend to your hand.

Unlikely Hero
-1 Attack, +1 Life
Now gains +3/+3 and charge 3 when it survives a battle.

Siege Engine
+1 Attack
Now gains +1/+0 after attacking.

Wandering Monk
+1 life

Steam Forge
-1 faeria cost

Baron Thulgar
+1 life
Ability changes from Gift to Last Words.

Hunted Outlaw
Now gives 2 faeria to your opponent on last words instead of 3.


Water Elemental
+1 attack
Loses aquatic, gains jump.

Gabrian Commander
-1 faeria cost
Now gains flying when you draw a card that originally cost 7 faeria or more.

Replaced with the following design:
Spring Mochi - 3 faeria, 2 lakes
Gift - The next card with original cost 7 faeria or higher you draw costs 3f less.

Gabrian Warden
+2 faeria cost, +1/+1, -1 Lake cost, now can give protection to any creature.

Mystic Beast
Changes to the following design:
Mystic Beast - 3 faeria, 1 lake
Gift - Gain +2/+2 and Charge 2 if your opponent has 10 faeria or more.

Gabrian Archon
Changes to the following design:
Gabrian Archon - 4 faeria, 2 lakes
Gain +2/+2 if you’ve played two cards with original cost 7 faeria or higher.

Gabrian Enchantment
Now draws a card when played in addition to its previous effect.

+1 attack

Tale of the Old Turtle
Changes to the following design:
Tale of the Old Turtle - 5 faeria, 2 lakes
Add 3 random blue cards to your hand. They cost 3 faeria less.

Wavecrash Colossus
Changes to the following design
Wavecrash Colossus - 10 faeria, 2 lakes
Costs 2 faeria less for each time you’ve gathered from an enemy well (minimum: 4 faeria)

Triton Diver
+1 life

Azure Wisp
+2 attack, +1 life, now only gains +1/+1 when you gather from your opponent’s wells.

Changes to the following design
Luduan - 3 faeria, 1 lake
Whenever this creature gathers faeria from an opponent’s well, add a random blue card to your hand. It costs 2 faeria less.

+3 life. Now sets both players’ faeria to 3 at the end of your opponent’s turn.

-1 faeria cost, -1 faeria gain.


Ancient Beastmaster
+1 attack, -1 life, now grants +1/+1 instead of +1/+0.

+1 faeria cost, +1 life, now gives +5/+5 on death instead of +4/+4.

Tiki Caretaker
-1 faeria cost, now gives +2/+2 instead of +3/+3

Oak Father
-1 faeria cost

Primeval Colossus
Changes to the following design:
Primeval Colossus - 15f faeria, 2 forests
Costs 1 faeria less for each special land you have (minimum cost 6 faeria).

Verduran Guardian
Changes to the following design:
Ruunin’s Champion - 6 faeria, 2 forests
Whenever this creature attacks a god, add a random green creature to your hand. It gets +3/+3.

Wood Elemental
+1 attack, +1 life

Ruunin’s Presence
-1 faeria cost


Kobold Warlord
+1 faeria cost, +2 attack, +2 life

Gut Gorger
-1 mountain cost

Bold Bargainer
+1 faeria cost, +1 life, now discounts a random card in your hand by 7 faeria.

Barbarian Ogre
+1 faeria cost, +1 attack, +1 life

Boulder Thrower
Changes to the following design:
Boulder Thrower - 7 faeria, 1 mountain
Combat - You gain 2 faeria.

Axe Grinder
Changes to the following design:
Axe Grinder - 3 faeria, 1 mountain
Gift - Gets +2/+0 if summoned adjacent to an enemy well.

Kobold Armorsmith
Changes to the following design:
Hate Seed - 6 faeria, 2 mountains
Costs 1 faeria less for each creature with higher attack than life you’ve summoned.

Flame Spitter
+1 life

Ogre Battler
+1 faeria cost, +1 attack, +2 life

Flame Thrower
Now has, “Whenever this creature attacks a god, deal 1 damage to all enemy creatures”.

Bomb Slinger
Can now hit structures too.

Seifer’s Fodder
+1 life

Volcanic Colossus
Changes to the following design:
Volcanic Colossus - 9 faeria, 2 mountains
Costs 1 faeria less for each enemy creature that has died in combat (minimum 5 faeria).

Shedim Pest
Changes to the following design:
Shedim Pest - 4 faeria, 1 mountain
Gift - Gain +2/+2 if you have another creature with higher attack than life.

Fire Elemental
-1 attack, loses ranged, gains “combat - deal 2 damage to a random enemy creature
+2 life
Changes to the following design:
Firebringer - 4 faeria, 2 mountains
Gain +1/+1 whenever you summon a creature with higher attack than life.

Ogre Torturer
Changes to the following design:
Bloodwell Sprite - 4 faeria, 1 mountain
Whenever you gather from an opponent’s well, deal 1 damage to your opponent.

Ogre Dance
Now reduces by 7 faeria.

Blustering Devil
Changes to the following design:
Red Devil - 9 faeria, 2 mountains
Gift - Gain 5 faeria

Ignus, the First Flame
-1 mountain cost


Oradrim Sagittarius
Changes to the following design:
Oradrim Sagittarius - 3 faeria, 1 desert
Whenever you attack a god, gain 1 faeria.

Slaughtering Shadow
-1 faeria cost

Deathwish Ghoul
-1 desert cost

Demon Wing
-1 faeria cost

Air Elemental
+1 attack

Oblivion Knight
-1 faeria cost

Shaytan Scavenger
Now triggers off attacking a god instead of a creature dying.

Windstorm Colossus
Changes to the following design:
Windstorm Colossus - 9 faeria, 2 deserts
Costs 1 faeria less for each event you’ve played (minimum cost: 4 faeria)

Oath to Oblivion
-1 faeria cost

Windstorm Charger
Now has charge 2 instead of charge 3.


Apex Predator
-1 attack, -1 life, gains jump

Icerock Behemoth
-1 faeria cost

Twinsoul Spirit
+1 life

Rarity Changes

Many cards have changed in rarity with this update.


  • All Colossi > Rare


  • Famine > Rare
  • Queen’s Assassin > Common
  • Unlikely Hero > Epic
  • Outland Ranger > Rare


  • Gaea’s Grace > Rare
  • Tiki Totem > Epic
  • Living Willow > Common


  • Triton Diver > Rare
  • Tale of the Old Turtle > Epic
  • Frogify > Common
  • Luduan > Epic
  • Ancient Herald > Common
  • Triton Chef > Common
  • Triton Banquet > Rare


  • Grim Guard > Common
  • Axe Grinder > Rare
  • Bomb Slinger > Epic
  • Shedim Pest > Common
  • Fire Bringer > Rare
  • Blood Singer > Common


  • Windborne Champion > Epic
  • Shaytan Assassin > Epic
  • Zealous Crusader > Rare

How Rarity changes and disenchanting will work:

As always, we will allow players to disenchant cards that have changed in design or reduced in power level for one week at full value. However, this gets a little trickier when we introduce changing card rarities. We have automatically applied the appropriate refunds for this with the update. Here is how it worked:

For each account, we compute a "Memoria" balance:

  • If you had Card A and it switched from LEGENDARY to COMMON, you AUTOMATICALLY EARN the DIFFERENCE of the FULL CRAFTING (not disenchant!) values.
  • If you had Card B and it switched from COMMON to RARE, you "LOSE" the difference of the full craft values
  • In the end, you may have a Memoria balance that is negative. If negative, NO MEMORIA IS REMOVED FROM YOUR ACCOUNT. If the sum is positive (because you mostly lost rarer cards for more common ones instead of the other way around), the complete sum is given as Memoria to you.

Once again, this has all been done automatically. You should have nothing to worry about, and should be appropriately compensated for Rarity changes in the form of Memoria.

Codex Changes

Several changes have been made to the starter Codexes in-game.


OUT - Freedom Fighter
IN - Queen's Assassin


OUT - Gabrian Commander
IN - Mystic Beast
OUT - Gabrian Archon
IN - Lore Thief

OUT - Aurora's Disciple
IN - Spellwhirl


IN - Bloomsprite
OUT - Ancient Boar

IN - Tiki Chieftain
OUT - Shamanic Dance

IN - Wild Growth
OUT - Vine Wall

OUT - Grove Guardian
IN - Soulbound Sagami


IN - Bloodwell Sprite
OUT - Hate Seed


OUT - Malevolent Spirit
IN - Last Nightmare

OUT - Wind Wisp
IN - Dune Drake

Whew! Did we miss anything?

Blame Krog.

  • The Faeria Team