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Patch notes: The Mulligan Patch

Written by Abrakam  |  11/28/2019

Today's update includes a variety of adjustments and fixes, most significantly a core change in the way mulligans work.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

The New Mulligan

During the mulligan, cards that are chosen to be discarded will no longer be able to reappear.

With this change, it will be as if any card you pick to mulligan will have any identical copies of it plucked from your deck and set to the side, then you draw new cards from your deck. It will therefore be impossible to redraw that same card or any copy of it.

New Seasonal Cardbacks

Seasonal cardbacks have been added to the game for the rest of 2019. All 12 seasonal card backs this year tell the complete story of the genesis of the world of Faeria, in chronological order.

If you earned a 2019 Seasonal Card back previously and it was displaying the default cardback placeholder - it should now be fixed.

Performance tweaks

This week we've applied a few adjustments that should help improve the general performance of Faeria. Please continue to let us know if Faeria seems to be behaving oddly slowly for you.

Bug fixes / misc

  • Tooltips should now be properly appearing once again.
    • In a future patch, we plan on adjusting the way they appear so that the text does not roll off the screen in some cases.
  • Hitting the back button when viewing lore pages or crafting mode will now bring you back to the collection screen instead of the home screen
  • Fixed a graphical glitch where sometimes cards would perform multiple somersaults after your opponent played an event