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Patch notes: May 8th, 2019

Written by Abrakam  |  05/08/2019

Today we release a small balance patch, and an important bug fix for spectating matches.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

With Chronicles of Gagana having been released for a few weeks now, we're applying a focused set of changes to two cards we think need a little fine-tuning. Thanks for all your feedback!

Balance changes

  • Sharra's Inspiration
    • Faeria cost decreased from 4f to 2f.
    • Stat enhancement decreased from +2/+2 to +1/+1.

We're unhappy with how Sharra's Inspiration has emerged as a tool in combo rush decks, rather than as a combat trick or stand-alone buff. By decreasing its scaling, it should make it much less effective in decks that aim to save up a large amount of Faeria and unleash an overwhelming amount of 'inspiration' on their opponents. We're maintaining the value of the card by decreasing its cost by half along with this change.

  • Thyrian Expedition
    • Land cost decreased from FFLLW to FFLL.
    • Now reads: Discover a card with 4 or higher total land cost. It becomes Wild.
    • Discount on discovered card is removed.

Discover is a new mechanic in Faeria, and we anticipated that we would need to tweak at least one of these new cards. Thyrian Expedition has turned out to be the largest offender, and we've made some changes that we think should help refine it into a more healthier version while keeping the core design of what makes it fun.

Part of what makes Discover so interesting is its ability to make each game feel fresh and less deterministic. In this case, it gives Blue-Green decks access to cards outside of its normal color pie - a powerful effect, but not always what you might exactly be fishing for. However, we believe the selection of cards for this Discover has proven to be too narrow in scope at 5 lands or more. By lowering the land threshold to 4, we roughly double the number of cards in its Discover pool and therefore add some needed variance to the card.

We're also removing the discount alongside this land cost decrease. We'll continue to monitor this card closely after this set of changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash involving spectating when Player 2 would Discover a card.