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Faeria 2.0 Patch Notes: Fall of Everlife

Written by Gary Morris  |  07/18/2018

Today we release the Fall of Everlife expansion and a significant amount of new features and changes to the base game of Faeria. Faeria 2.0 is here.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Fall of Everlife now available

The Fall of Everlife is now available on Steam!

The Fall of Everlife expansion contains 40 new cards split into two parts. The first batch of 20 become available immediately.

Purchasing this content immediately adds a unique Avatar, Orb, and Card Back to your collection.

Faeria 2.0 - Patch notes

Today’s patch contains such a large amount of changes, we are now in what we consider to be “Faeria 2.0.”

This patch applies many new features, bug fixes, and cosmetic content - all of which are available in what is now the “Classic” version of Faeria.

New Features

Lore Pages

Lore pages are a brand new addition to the game. You will now be able to collect pages of lore for over 100 cards in Faeria, including all of the cards in Fall of Everlife. These pieces of lore will reveal more details about the universe of Faeria and its inhabitants, and give you a closer look at the art.

Lore pages become accessible starting at level 3 through a button on top of the collection screen, as seen above.

After clicking this button, you'll be presented with the new lore page interface.

Lore pages can be gathered by completing certain Solo missions, opening Mythic Chests, or completing certain Daily Quests. We plan to continue to add more lore pages for cards as time goes on.

Pandora drafting improvements

The Pandora drafting system has been tailored in an effort to make the drafting experience more diverse. We now apply custom weighting to select cards in order to provide more interesting choices for each player.

In general, our weights aim to increase archetype support and slightly push forward the cards in Fall of Everlife.

We will continue to monitor and tweak these weights as necessary. In the end, your Pandora decks should be much more fun to make. Let us know what you think!

We've also implemented some small Pandora-related card balance changes. (See below.)

Private Lobby Customization

Private game lobbies are now highly customizable.

In any private lobby, you can now adjust the following:

  • Enable a time bank
    • This is the total amount of time players have across all games in a match before they lost.
  • Set the minutes per game in the time bank
    • For example, in a Best of 3 and a “minutes per game” of 5 - time banks are set to 15:00.
  • Set the amount of seconds per turn
    • This may allow for “Blitz Faeria” style play with 10 second turns, if you wish!
  • Set the Match Format (Bo3, Bo5, Bo7)
  • Set the Deck Format (Normal or Crucible)

We believe this will allow our players to experiment with their own favorite ways of playing with friends.

Crucible mode

Crucible is a new match format which can be played in both private lobbies and tournaments.

How Crucible works:

  • Each player submits 4 decks
  • Each deck cannot share more than 12 cards with any other deck in the lineup
  • Opponent decks appear before the match starts.
  • Each deck displays its average Faeria cost
  • Each deck displays the amount of cards in each color
    • Each unique card in the deck that has any color cost will count as 1 for that color.
    • For example: In a deck with 15 Red Cards and 15 Red/Green cards, the deck will display as 30 Red and 15 Green.
    • Cards without colored land cost count as neutral.
  • Ban phase: Players choose one of their opponent’s decks to BAN.
  • Players choose a deck to begin. If it wins, players must continue using it until it loses.

The Crucible format will become the official Faeria World Circuit tournament format, replacing Pantheon.

Custom deck covers

By popular demand, players can now choose which card is featured as the cover for their decks.

You will be able to right click any card in your deck and "Promote" it as your deck cover.

These deck covers will be displayed anywhere you are able to select your deck.

Purchasable deck slots

Extra deck slots can now be purchased for your collection!

This option will appear below your list of decks if you max out your current slots.

You can purchase 5 additional deck slots for 1500 gems. These deck slots would be in addition to the 10 gained from the Faeria Premium edition (See below).

New economy

In-game currencies are being simplified in a way that provides for no more purchasing of Battle Chests. Simply put, we are removing the ability for players to spend lots of money to acquire more cards and have an advantage in this new model.

These changes affect a wide range of economical aspects in Faeria and are covered in detail here:

The above list of changes will also detail for you, if you are a current Faeria player, how your account will be automatically transitioned into the new system.

Tons of new cosmetics

Over 70 new cosmetics, including Avatars, Orbs, card backs, and Faeria wells have been added to the game!

These cosmetics will be available in Mythic Chests and rotated through our brand new automated in-game store which now refreshes every 24 hours instead of weekly.

New animations

Many new animations for spells and effects in Fall of Everlife, including the new Corrupt keyword, have been added to the game. Also, check out the Salamanders!

Localisation improvements

With the help of many dedicated community members, we have implemented many fixes to our 11 existing supported languages. We’ve also added localisation for the new Fall of Everlife content and features. We will continue to fix and add complete translations as time goes on!

We’d like to give a huge “thank you” to our translation team. If you notice any in our official Discord, give them an emoji.

Pandora-related balance changes

In addition to the new drafting weight system mentioned above, this update contains a few changes intended to improve the drafting options in Pandora decks.

  • Shedim Pest
    • Now Common, down from Rare.
    • Land requirements reduced to MMW from MMM,
  • Blood Singer
    • Now Rare, up from Common.
  • Master Swordsman
    • Ability now functions while in hand
  • Spring Mochi
    • Now Rare, up from Common
  • Gabrian Commander
    • Now Common, down from Rare

Shedim Pest is one of the best enablers for Angry Red in Pandora due to it only needing one other creature on board to activate. However, it's difficult to include Pest in Pandora decks due to the heavy commitment to Red that is required. This land change is meant to make Pest much more playable in Pandora, but is not expected to effect constructed play that much since most Angry decks are mono-red.

Master Swordsman has also been adjusted to help out with Angry Red in that it now counts as a higher attack creature while in hand.

Bug fixes, adjustments, and minor features

  • Ruunin's Guidance and Emperor's Command no longer pop up with a choice. It will behave appropriate based on the target you click.
  • When your deck is full inside the deck editor, cards in the collection that are not at their limit inside the deck are no longer grayed out.
  • Cards that overlap with the opponents orb no longer visually interfere with each other.
  • The volume sliders have been improved.
  • The client no longer crashes if Faeria is launched while Steam is not started.
  • The inner border of all cards has been cleaned up.
  • New filters have been added to the card search bar, including “Fall of Everlife” and subtypes such as "Rakoan" or "Triton."
  • Gabrian Archon now updates properly while swallowed.
  • When entering a mission with pre-built lands the audio will no longer overlap and go crazy and melt your ears.
  • After playing Dream Keeper and Failed Experiment, card costs will now be properly displayed.
  • Swallowed creatures will now pop in place properly after being released.
  • Radiance, Imperial Airship now updates its Faeria cost properly when a Annoying Gnat is destroyed.
  • Sky Yak has been renamed to Swarming Carassius and had its subtype of "Yak" removed.
    • This is in preparation for the release of Part 2. For balance concerns, we have removed the subtype from this card design. Have no fear, Sky Yak card art will appear again!

Faeria Premium

Faeria Premium is a brand new optional DLC that doubles all experience earned - forever - plus more.

It is now available on Steam!

Faeria Premium contains:

  • Doubled XP - from everything!
    • Earn Battle Chests and Shards at twice the normal rate.
  • 10 additional Deck Slots
  • Premium card back
  • Golden Faeria logo in-game
  • 5 Mythic Chests full of cosmetics
  • 4000 Gems

This is a one-time purchase and will be applied forever to your Faeria account.


In closing, we’d like to thank you for playing Faeria. Today’s update is the result of months of hard work from everyone on our team, and we hope you enjoy it.

As always, let us know what you think.

  • The Faeria Team