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Today's Technical Issues

Written by Abrakam  |  11/14/2017

While proceeding with our planned update today, we discovered some previously unseen erratic behavior from our servers.

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While proceeding with our planned update today (see the balance patch), we discovered some previously unseen erratic behavior from our servers.

We found that some data related to players' progression in the game hasn't been successfully saved in our databases, resulting in a small number of accounts having lost progress in some way.

Based on our research, less than 0.3% of the active users between Oct. 31st and Nov. 14th have been affected by this issue.

While we have been able to retrieve and restore the majority of the data from our logs, we are not able to get to a point of being confident that we have identified all actions that were affected, and some players might be impacted by this.

If you think that your account has been impacted by these issues and hasn’t been automatically corrected (for example if you have a missing purchase, a card, or if you have a lower amount of XP than it's supposed to be), please contact with the subject "Account Rolled Back". We will check the log files manually for your account to ensure we update the databases to restore your account to the state it was in before we applied this patch.

The cause of these issues was in some older code related to how we process data from the servers’ live memory into the permanent databases - instead of fixing the specific bug, we decided to rewrite this entire section of code as it was already scheduled to be updated in the near future. In addition to the code rewrite and restoring the data, we have also added a series of new checks to make sure that this type of problem wouldn't be able to happen again.

We sincerely apologise, both to any users affected by this bug and to all of you for the downtime that arose from it. We wanted to give a free booster to anyone who tried to play during our downtime today, but decided to give it to everyone who has played in the last week instead just to be a bit more generous! You’ll find it waiting for you when you next load the game.