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Patch notes: April 1st, 2016

Written by Abrakam  |  04/01/2016

A patch full of new features and fixes. Invite your friends to play Faeria, for free! FIVE new supported languages.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick


  • The “Invite a Friend” weekend event functionality has been added in-game. Look for a button in the upper left of your main menu to get started!
    NOTE: The start time for the event has changed. It begins now! (6:30 PM CEST).
  • You can now add observers to a private game lobby by using the Friends list. Please note that this functionality is in its very early stages. You currently cannot see the opponent’s hand, for example. This feature is considered to be in an “alpha” state.
  • Five new languages are now supported! You may select your language on the login screen:
    • French
    • German
    • Russian
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish

Full Collection gold refund adjustments:

Now when disenchanting a card, a "malus" will be applied to your potential gold refund when purchasing the Full Collection, based on the rarity of the disenchanted card. This is to account for any extra Memoria you accumulate from disenchanting Booster packs.

Malus values:

  • Common: 5
  • Rare: 20
  • Epic: 90
  • Legendary: 350

For example: If you’ve opened 10 boosters, you are normally refunded 1000 gold on purchasing the Full Collection, at 100 gold per booster. If you now disenchant 4 commons before purchasing the Full Collection, you will now have a total “malus” of 20 applied, meaning your refund will then be 980 gold, to account for the extra Memoria you’ve accumulated.

NOTE: Currently, you are not refunded for cards you have CRAFTED before purchasing the Full Collection. We are looking to complete this feature as soon as possible, but please know that if you CRAFT any cards before purchasing the Full Collection, which SETS all of your cards to 3x Commons, Rares, and Epics, and 1x of Legendary: You will NOT be refunded for that gold or Memoria for those cards. When the feature is complete, each previously crafted card will give a refund bonus depending on the rarity of that card, at the time of purchase. Thank you for your patience in implementing this, and we are working to complete it as soon as possible. *

*Update: This has since been corrected. Please read April 8th patch notes for more information. "Starting from this patch, you will receive the full amount of spent Memoria for each previously crafted card when purchasing the full collection"

Daily quest changes

One of our design goals is to keep most Daily Quests in the range of taking around 3 games on average to complete. In light of this, and based on data we have been tracking, we have made some adjustments to the following Daily Quests:

Previous quest -> New quest

  • Deal 60 damage to gods -> Deal 40 damage to gods
  • Destroy 25 creatures -> Destroy 20 creatures
  • Create 40 lands -> Create 30 lands
  • Play 25 events -> Play 15 events
  • Play 25 {color} cards -> Play 20 {color} cards
  • Win 7 games, 100G -> Win 7 games, 150G
    (We'd like to keep this longer challenge around, but reward you more for your time invested.)

UI improvements and bug fixes

  • The “versus” screen has been redesigned
  • The Friendlist has been updated with a new layout. You may also now see your friends’ avatars on the list.
  • New card layouts per card type have been implemented (Creature, Event, Structure)
  • Puddle Jumper is now renamed to Triton Diver. Both Triton Diver and Gabrian Noble now have their final art.
  • New sounds are played when orbs are created.
  • Faeria now plays a sound when it appears
  • Creatures and Structures now make new sounds when landing on the ground
  • The display of God Ranked numbers over #20 have been fixed
  • Ruunin's Avenger will no longer gain +1/+1 after being transformed by another effect.
  • Yak fuzziness has been increased slightly.
  • Krog the Ogre King no longer instantly wins the game when played (most of the time).