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World Bosses have come

Written by Abrakam  |  06/06/2017

They're here! The first of our World Bosses have arrived, and they're bringing with them even more.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

The first Faeria World Bosses await

Today we release the first three World Bosses of Faeria. World Boss battles are a new single player feature that sequentially unlock as you gain levels. World Bosses are, as their name implies, challenging and unique missions that provide special rewards when defeated. These rewards include large amounts of gold (500 Gold per boss), experience, and the construction and upgrade of the brand new Orb of Champions.

These new bosses await you in game right now. Throughout the month of June, we will be introducing more World Bosses each week.

This week's World Bosses are:

  • King Yaknus
  • Arboria
  • The Test of Endurance

These mighty challenges should give you a sufficient taste for what is still to come. World Bosses will be accessible via a new in-game map screen you'll find in the single player area.

Wild Mission Packs

In conjunction with World Bosses, we're releasing what we're calling Wild Mission Packs. The basic idea behind Wild Mission Packs is to provide an indefinite source of single player content for players who prefer to play solo, or to increase their levels in order to meet the next World Boss.

Whenever you finish the last mission of the last normal Mission Pack in any lane, that lane will now get filled with a brand new Wild Mission Pack. Each Wild Mission Pack is composed of 7 randomly selected missions. These missions are designed to provide heavy amounts of experience, and a new solo objective will appear that rewards you one Battle Chest for every two Wild Mission Packs you complete. This objective will reappear indefinitely. Each Wild Mission Pack will cost 500 gold or 100 gems, meaning that purchasing and completing two of them will reward you with not only a Battle Chest worth 1000 gold, but all of the extra experience gained from each mission and the gold provided from leveling up.

Wild Mission packs are yet another way we hope to satisfy the clear need many players are expressing for more single player content, and we hope you enjoy them.

Rewards Changes

Together with the introduction of the World Bosses, which will be providing an extra 6,000 Gold total, we are applying a few changes to some of the current rewards in order to balance the overall rewards experience.

The following changes are being applied:

  • The Daily Quest "Spectate a friend winning a game" now rewards 400 Gold (was 1 Battle Chest)
  • The Solo Objective "Deal 100 damage to enemies" now rewards 500 Gold (was 1 Battle Chest)
  • The Solo Objective "Solve 3 puzzles" now rewards 100G (was 200G)
  • The Solo Objective "Destroy 20 creatures" now rewards 100G (was 200G)
  • The Solo Objective "Complete 3 Quests or Puzzles" now rewards 100G (was 200G)

Balance changes

As always, we keep a close eye on the general state of the game and the balance between all colors, at all levels of play. After releasing six new cards near the middle of last month, we knew it was important to observe their effects and see how players learn to best use these new tools.

Our internal balance analysis takes into account the results of games played on live servers, player feedback, and of course high level tournament play. We read, hear, and watch it all. In the end, it helps us reach a decision we can move forward with.

At this time, being so close to the running of another highly competitive Monthly Cup, we're not comfortable making any wide, sweeping changes - but we do want to place the game in a state where we feel we can pull more valuable information. Sometimes there is one card that may be so clearly out of line that it can make further judgement calls murky without knowing the results of the state of the game after toning it down a little. We believe, at this time, that card is Triton Trainer. Introduced not so long ago, it has enabled an exciting new deck archetype for Blue that takes advantage of its many Jump creatures. Obviously when designing this card we wanted to encourage this style of deck as playing with high mobility creatures is generally a fun experience. However, it's currently performing way above where we think it should be, at all levels of play. Therefore, we are implementing the following change today:

Triton Trainer

  • Faeria cost decreased from 4 to 3.
  • Gift effect reduced from +2/+2 to +2/+0.
  • Life reduced from 3 to 2.

These changes should still place Triton Trainer in a desirable place for some styles of Blue decks, but make it a little easier to answer without placing quite so much health value on the field. Reworking Triton Trainer as "attack-boost-only" exposes Blue's smaller creatures to the standard removal that can normally roast the little suckers mid-leap. Lowering the Trainer itself to a 3/2 also exposes it to both 2 damage and 3 damage removal, meaning it will now be vulnerable, for example, to the punishing removal of Seifer's Wrath, Soul Drain, and the new Deepwood Stalker.

Once again, we want to be clear that we have our eye on a lot in the game at this time, but we'd like to take things a bit slowly as we fine-tune the existing card base. Faeria is an incredibly complex game, and changing just one cog in its intricate machinery can have wild and unexpected results. We believe that with this change we will be able to make a much more informed decision about what the next steps may be for future balance changes before our first expansion this summer.

Cosmetic items

Tarum's Cosmetic set is now available for purchase in the shop. Tarum's Orb, Avatar, Well and Card Back are also now lootable in Mythic Chests.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes occurred which would change the order of decks displayed for the player
  • The life of your opponent's orb is now always visible, even when a flying creature is next to it
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs related to avatar animations that would sometimes make the opponent orb go inconsistently above the lands next to it
  • Fixed the look of Orb highlights
  • Fixed Bom-R Orb not showing properly in the profile Orb list
  • Improved the way connection quality to the various regions is measured
  • Forest land trees now have their shadows displayed properly
  • Fixed Power Saving Mode setting that was not available on <1.5GB RAM mobile devices
  • The AI will now make a better use of its buffs at any point in game
  • Made the solo objective panel clearer
  • Fixed some weird button behavior that would make them flicker if a mouse button was held down on them
  • Fixed an issue where, in solo missions, the game would crash if a text was meant to be displayed next to a dead creature

Update #1 - 07/06/2017 - 10:30 CEST

  • Fixed the Wild Pack quests that gave too many rewards (they now give 200XP per quest, in addition to the solo objective "Complete 2 Wild Packs")
  • Removed the World Boss quest that appeared in a Wild Act
  • Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing the lanes to not transition correctly into the Wild Acts once completed (the players in that situation will unfortunately have to complete the last quest of the lane once more to reach the Wild Acts)
  • Fixed a bug causing the prologue to crash