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Faeria Friday: Roguebook Artbook

Written by Gary Morris  |  06/04/2021

We made a book, and we think you'll like it

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Roguebook artbook

This week, our partners at Nacon helped us finish the digital artbook that will be included in the Deluxe edition of Roguebook (or if you backed the proper tier on Kickstarter)

While the super final version isn't ready yet, I think it ended up looking pretty cool. It also has a bit of Faeria lore in there, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

(Again, it isn't available just yet)

We are now officially 2 weeks from release: June 17th! (Deluxe gets you the 15th.. plus that Artbook)

We feel ready, but are still working on final art assets and balance tweaking, with the help of our lovely closed beta testers.

We think you'll like the new world we made for you to explore.

June Tournaments

June is the last month of tournaments in the Season of Ruunin.

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Deck of the Week

  • No, Allow Me! - by Kaerukero
    • The goal of this deck is to take yourself out without your opponent landing a hit on your orb (bonus points if they don't damage you at all). There's a surprising amount of synergy among all the self-harm cards in ensuring you stay the master of your own destiny.