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Faeria Friday: Holidays 2020

Written by Gary Morris  |  12/18/2020

Is it possible to build a tree out of hexagons? Probably.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Holiday Period

Hard to believe it, but we're already at the end of another year. I think everyone is ready to move on to 2021. A lot of the team will be taking off the next few weeks. We expect to be back to full speed in early January.

Blitz this weekend

It's time! Sign up for tomorrow's Blitz tournament.

Seifer Open #4 Results

  • 1st. SuperbLizard - Germany
  • 2nd. seshoumara - EU
  • 3rd. bamserr - Finland
  • 4th. Jason_Fisker - Denmark

That's it! Last Seifer Open of 2020.

This particular season isn't over, however. January's reset will also count toward the Season of Seifer.

Decks of the week

Seifer Open #4 - First Place - Entire Lineup by Superblizard