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Faeria Friday: Matrien's Musings

Written by Abrakam  |  06/12/2020

Junkfeet wants to give you a present.

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick

Ruunin Open #4

Tomorrow, players from all over the world will gather in the Sacred Forest to prove their skills in Ruunin's Presence. Will YOU be one of them? Because... you can, even if you're new to Faeria! Just click the link below for Ruunin's Guidance.

  • Ruunin Open #4
    • Saturday, June 13 @ 18:00 CET
      This tournament will be streamed on Twitch by SaturnFiveAus. Be sure to thank him! Ideally, five times.
  • Ruunin Open #5
    • Saturday, June 27 @ 12:00 CET
      Please note that this tournament takes places 6 hours earlier than 'normal' to accommodate those nearer the Asian time zones.

Half-time Starter Deck Tournament

We all have to start somewhere. But what if we could all start again together? And twice as fast?

SuperbLizard is hosting an exciting tournament on that restricts you to only using the four starter decks. "Half-time" means your turn timer will be cut in half! Quick thinking will be critical and non-stop action will ensue as starter decks get their chance to shine.

If you're new to Faeria, this is a great opportunity to test your skills! Plus, if you make it to the Top 4, you'll earn a Faeria DLC of your choice!

  • Register here Saturday, June 20 @ 15:00 CET Watch the tournament with SuperbLizard on his Twitch channel.

The Art of Faeria

This week, we're highlighting the masterful artwork of Junkfeet, the Scrapheap, who appeared to lead the Mechas of Heartforge to greatness in the Chronicles of Gagana DLC pack. Back around the release of this card, I reached out to the artist, Anemos, who shared his intention in designing the artwork to fit the card's mechanic... Junkfeet is giving away parts of its own mechanical body to make other Mechas stronger! A noble sacrifice, indeed.

Which Faeria card artwork do you enjoy the most? And why?

Decks of the Week

Bo0M117 made a thorough guide for this challenging, yet rewarding deck. To quote Bo0M, play this deck and instill fear wherever you go!

Krog seems to be forging an unlikely alliance with Magnus, King of Meroval, Baron Thulgar, and the dreaded Heart of the Mountain, Garudan! This should be interesting..

New player, Dattebayo, is enjoying his first main deck. Welcome!

Dickleton is up to something fun with this BY deck. I'm just glad to see Twinsoul Spirit. Have you tried it yet?

Have a great weekend!

This Faeria Friday written by Matrien