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Faeria Friday: Mulligans and you

Written by Gary Morris  |  11/22/2019

We're messing with mulligans!

A new build-order strategy: The Forest Kick


We're planning on pushing an important change to the way mulligans work next week.

When we apply the patch, cards that are chosen to be discarded in the starting hand will no longer be able to reappear.

Normally, Faeria has always worked like many other card games in real life. Cards you mulligan would be placed back into your deck, shuffled, then you draw an equal number of cards back. You could potentially draw the same card again.

With this change, it will be as if any card you pick to mulligan will have any identical copies of it plucked from your deck and set to the side, then you draw new cards from your deck. It will therefore be impossible to redraw that same card or any copy of it.*

  • Edit: We've changed this wording to be more technically accurate and remove any confusion.

We recognize this can be a pretty dangerous change, and have long been hesitant to make this adjustment. Rush and combo decks that must have that "perfect starting hand" suddenly will have a slightly better chance of obtaining it. Then again... so will everyone else. Either way, we'll definitely be keeping an eye on it.

What do you think?

64-bit issues

We had some Mac users reporting issues with 64-bit configuration on Steam. We have fixed the problem and it should no longer be happening. Thank you for the reports!

Reconnection timer poll

Recently we began discussing the idea of lowering the reconnection timer in-game for players who crash, disconnect, rage-quit or otherwise.

Currently, it's 120 seconds. Do you think that's fine? Do you think it should be lowered?

Let us know by casting your vote in this on-going Facebook poll.


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